METTLER-TOLEDO density meters help safety at Shanghai SECCO

  • March 16, 2010
  • Mettler Toledo
  • Case Study
March 16, 2010 -Shanghai SECCO considers density determination as an important quality control parameter. Chemical processes require accurate results and demand operator safety that is promoted with the use of METTLER-TOLEDO density meters.The company has three M-T DE45 density meters, each equipped with SC1 and SC30 automatic sample changers. SECCO values the use of quality instruments in the lab and operators are meticulous in maintaining them. According to Lu Ping, a chemical analyst at SECCO, the density meters have performed perfectly and still look like new even after three years of continuous use, which he attributes to their build quality and the routine maintenance provided by METTLER-TOLEDO China service staff. Durability isn’t the only reason SECCO prefers METTLER-TOLEDO density meters: “We are more concerned about result accuracy rather than how long the measurement process will last,” Ping explained. “We check our instruments with reference standards every week in order to ensure trouble-free operation. The check function of our METTLER-TOLEDO density meter tests the instrument in a most convenient way before actual sample testing begins.”Ping continued, “The purpose of equipping the densimeters with METTLER-TOLEDO automatic sample feed is not only to improve productivity, as we do not test such a large quantity every day. Automatic sample changers minimize operator contact with the sample and therefore protect lab personnel from dangerous chemicals. This is the main reason we use sample changers. The METTLER-TOLEDO densimeter is excellent to use. We all love it.”SECCO’s vision of “No accident or human injury” demonstrates the company’s desire to protect its operators from risks associated with handling the volatile liquid samples they work with. Great emphasis is placed on safety, a priority that is demonstrated throughout the factory. Operators are required to follow standard operating procedures for chemical and instrumentation handling helping to protect them from harm. Even visitors undergo health and safety training. About METTLER TOLEDOMETTLER TOLEDO is a leading global supplier of precision instruments and services. The Company is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. METTLER TOLEDO also holds top-three market positions in several related analytical instruments and is a leading provider of automated chemistry systems used in drug and chemical compound discovery and development. In addition, the Company is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of metal detection and other end-of-line inspection systems used in production and packaging and holds a leading position in certain process analytics applications.Shanghai SECCOShanghai SECCO Petrochemical Company Ltd. is a leader in the production of petrochemicals. Founded in November 2001, the company is jointly owned by BP East China Investment Company Ltd., China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec Corp.) and Shanghai Petrochemical Company, Ltd. (SPC). The SECCO facility is a $2.7 billion complex, and easily one of the largest joint venture petrochemical projects in China. SECCO produces ethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, styrene, polystyrene, butadiene, benzene and toluene, as well as various by-products, using the most advanced process technology in the world. Learn More

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