Moxa announces Windows 7 support

  • April 07, 2010
  • Moxa Technologies Inc
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April 7, 2010—Moxa announced that the Multiport Serial Board, USB-to-Serial Converter, and Serial Device Server product lines have all passed Windows 7 WHQL certification. Since Windows 7’s release in October 2009, Microsoft’s latest operating system has attracted critical and popular praise for its significant improvements over previous versions of Windows. Windows 7’s improved touch interface support is well-suited for many applications that employ touchscreens, such as those in the kiosk, medical, field service, transportation, and military fields. Moxa’s wide range of serial connectivity products allow system builders to combine legacy serial devices with a cutting edge OS and the latest innovations in human-machine interfaces. The stable construction and rugged metal design of Moxa’s products ensure reliable operations in challenging environments.Moxa’s one-chip ASIC solution complements the enhanced reliability and efficiency of Windows 7 to deliver high performance in industrial automation. The one-chip design assures the integrity of mass data transmission with an on-chip XON/XOFF flow control and large burst mode buffer to protect industrial communications. Additional driver support for platforms ranging from embedded operating systems such as WinCE and QNX, to desktop solutions such as Windows and Linux, to server applications such as SCO OpenServer, SCO UnixWare, and Solaris, ensure that Moxa’s products are available for use in varied environments.About MoxaMoxa manufactures a wide array of device networking products for industrial automation. Information about all Moxa products, which include embedded computers, Ethernet switches, wireless solutions, serial device servers, multiport serial boards, media converters, USB-to-serial converters, embedded device servers, video networking products, and active I/O solutions, is available on Moxa's corporate website. Learn More

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