Moxa Ethernet switches help distribute power in Guangzhou, China

  • April 04, 2010
  • Moxa Technologies Inc
  • Case Study
April 4, 2010 — Guangzhou, the third-largest city in mainland China, knew that it needed to find Ethernet switches it could count on to power its new power distribution automation project. With a population of 8 million people in an area of over 16,000 square kilometers, Guangzhou discovered that the reliability of Moxa’s IEC-61850-3 Ethernet switches was perfect for its demanding power distribution requirements.Moxa’s PowerTrans PT-7828 and PT-7710 series Ethernet switches are specifically designed to operate reliably in severe electric utility substation environments. The entire product line has passed IEC 61850-3 and IEEE1613 certification testing conducted by KEMA, a respected independent laboratory for consulting, one-stop testing, and certification services in the energy and utility markets.Electric power distribution is the final step in the delivery of electricity to consumers. A typical distribution system consists of a complex power utilities network, with correspondingly complex wiring requirements. Moxa’s TurboChain redundancy technology dramatically simplifies the creation of multiple redundant connections over a widely dispersed power distribution network. With TurboChain, PowerTrans Ethernet switches can be daisy chained together from one Ring Main Unit (RMU) to another, with each “chain” connected to the substations. If a chain segment fails, the blocked path will rapidly activate within 20 milliseconds to ensure high network availability.The PowerTrans PT-7828 layer 3 Ethernet switches also support Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), which uses "link state" instead of "hop count" to determine the network route. Compared to Routing Information Protocol (RIP), OSPF has faster network convergence and consumes less network traffic. Guangzhou’s DA project was able to reduce wiring costs and increase network efficiency by taking advantage of the PowerTrans series’ powerful suite of features. “The complexity of industrial field wiring is growing greater and greater, which makes adaptability and scalability in connection redundancy increasingly important,” explained Leo Tsao, senior director of Moxa Power and Transportation division. “Moxa’s TurboChain technology gives network administrators more flexibility than ever before in designing highly available and reliable networks, which is particularly welcome in power distribution networks.”About MoxaMoxa manufactures a wide array of device networking products for industrial automation. Information about all Moxa products, which include embedded computers, Ethernet switches, wireless solutions, serial device servers, multiport serial boards, media converters, USB-to-serial converters, embedded device servers, video networking products, and active I/O solutions, is available on Moxa's corporate website. Learn More

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