NRG Energy tracks Environmental Compliance with Intelex software

  • April 26, 2010
  • Case Study
April 26, 2010 - NRG Energy adopted Intelex Technologies software solution as a means of managing their environmental activities across 42 generating facilities throughout the US. NRG was looking to implement a web-based management solution to streamline the capture processes, tracking and reporting capabilities for all of their environmental data.NRG selected Intelex’s unique and powerful software tool to track and measure their environmental key performance indicators (EKPIs) as it, in conjunction with the web-based Intelex platform, allows each facility to log its own environmental data via a customized iForm which can then be tracked and reported companywide. After a three-month implementation period beginning in October 2006, NRG had successfully implemented the Intelex system and used it to manage environmental compliance and permits, and to report and track EKPI’s. The functionality of the Intelex platform facilitated several key items that NRG identified as being critical elements to their environmental management information system. These included a tiered approval process for activities, support of annual updates, maintaining historical data, reports and dashboards as well as the creation of a custom environmental dashboard specifically for Management.Laura Scott, Environmental Management Information System Manager for NRG, is one of the key facilitators of NRG’s Intelex system, and attended Intelex’s iForm user conference in September 2009. Scott cites the Intelex iForm as an “effective, user-friendly tool for measuring and tracking EKPIs. Intelex implementation was very easy with the help of their support staff and the import tools built into the system. Using Intelex has made environmental data easy to access and transparent, and has allowed NRG to focus on continual improvement and not data management.”About Intelex Technologies Inc.: Established in 1992, Intelex is a global leading provider of environment, health & safety and quality (EHSQ) management software systems. Key solutions offered include audit management, training management, document control, incident reporting and the powerful iForm, a tool that easily allows the configuration of Intelex EHSQ solutions to address customers unique requirements. Intelex services over 400 clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies with more than 100,000 system users worldwide. Learn More

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