Radar level sensors keep German salt trucks moving

  • January 12, 2010
  • Vega Technology Group
  • Case Study
January 12, 2010 - In Germany, it needs a well-organised winter road service when it comes to keeping the traffic moving on snowy and icy roads. The lifeblood of this operation is consistent supplies of road salt for gritting.So to ensure sufficient provisions are distributed and replenished, they use “Intelligent Inventory” management of road salt. To provide this, they have integrated this data into a management system to optimise distribution and logistics processes. The result is an inventory management system “Salt Manager”, based on a Vendor Management Inventory(VMI) model. It ensures demand-actuated replenishment of the storehouses and silos of the users. The salt suppliers and distributors monitor the stocks and co-ordinate deliveries to the local councils as well as regional motorway maintenance authorities. The basic salt stockpile level data is provided by VEGA non contact radar sensors that reliably measure the levels in storage silos and storehouses to deliver the groundwork information needed for uninterrupted resupply. The measured data is usually sent automatically via telemetry system and can be accessed via the web at any time. In addition to the data transfer to Salt Manager, the level can also be displayed locally on site with the weatherproof, backlit indicating and adjustment module PLICSCOM mounted at ground level.From the very beginning of the VMI project VEGA have worked closely together with the customers. With its radar sensor VEGAPULS 67, VEGA provides crucially reliable measurement technology that is simple, easy to use and immune to dust clouds, condensate and salt build-up. Being non-contact there is no risk of abrasion damage to the sensor. Thanks to its plastic-encapsulated antenna system and highly resistant plastic housing, the sensor is optimally protected against this extremely corrosive medium and environment. The compact sensor design makes mounting directly into the manhole of a silo or in the roof of the stockpile house. Latest radar versions with have integrated radio or GPRS technology to make the transmission of the data and installation of the units even easier. VEGA use a web-based system, WEB VV, for monitoring and publishing data for remote sites with bespoke web page design to suit customer requirements along with email and text message alerts when alarm levels are reached., securely hosted in their own special server room (with triple redundancy). Learn More

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