Speed and Performance Inside and Outside the Control Panel

  • April 25, 2010
  • Weidmuller
  • Case Study
When Spectra Energy contracted with Emerson for sixty Gas control systems, Emerson needed a circuit breaker that met the specific requirements for their application. The breaker needed to respond very quickly to overloads or short circuit conditions in order to protect field devices such as solenoid valves and chromatographs; it had to be approved for use in hazardous locations; and it had to have a small footprint in the control panel. Emerson opted to use the ESX10-T electronic circuit protector from Weidmuller, employing up to one hundred of the small units per system. The small, 24 Volt circuit protector is designed to respond in milliseconds to an overload, selectively disconnecting circuits downstream from a central power supply. In addition to its speedy response time, the ESX10-T also has unique control capability with its remote indication and remote reset features. These allowed Emerson's Control Wave processors to remotely reset nuisance trips or short circuits without having an operator open a panel or troubleshoot a complex system to get it running again. For the customer, the result is minimized exposure to electrical components for maintenance personnel, as well as a reduction in the time and cost of repairs.Bill Thompson, Manager of Panel Assembly at Emerson's Watertown, CT facility, knows about speed. "It's all about doing things quick," he commented. The Watertown operation prides itself on a six-week turnaround in the development of hardware and software solutions for monitoring and controlling Natural Gas, Water and Wastewater systems. "We've always used Weidmuller products in our panels, and they've proven themselves over years of use." Weidmuller had established a track record with Emerson with terminal blocks and other products, including custom interface assemblies built to Emerson’s specifications. The UL Class 1, Division 2 (hazardous area) ratings were crucial to application, as was the small footprint of the product in a control box already crowded with components, including one version that has to be narrow enough to fit through a manhole cover.Stocking and supply flexibility were also critical for the application. Weidmuller personnel were here working with us the minute we needed them," says Thompson, giving Emerson the confidence that they could meet quick production schedules for their customer and bring down costs. Weidmuller is the leading provider of solutions for the transmission of power, data and control signals in industrial environments. The company develops, produces and sells industrial electronics, network infrastructure components and connectivity solutions such as Wireless Solutions, Industrial Ethernet, Relays, Power Supplies, I/O modules, printed circuit board connectors, terminal blocks and complete DIN Rail assemblies. The Weidmuller group has a strong international focus with manufacturing and sales locations in over 70 countries. Learn More

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