Stegmann Inc--2-inch Incremental Encoder with Any Resolution Ships in just 2-3 Days

  • March 17, 2010
  • Stegmann, Inc.
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DAYTON, OH – The 2" CI20 Series Incremental Encoder from Stegmann Inc. is the latest addition to their family of revolutionary CoreTech® encoders. The CI20 Series is available with any incremental count from 1 to 8,192 ppr without extra lead time or price adder, even for the most uncommon resolutions. Electrical bandwidth of up to 820kHz and a firmware generated marker pulse of 90 or 180 allows engineers to receive reliable incremental feedback for speeds up to 10,000 rpm while maintaining marker width and synchronization. Alignment of electrical position to the mechanical encoder position is quick and easy with activation realized via set button or setline. Additionally, the CI20 is the only known incremental encoder to reduce the form factor of 8,192 line incremental feedback to a 2" housing size while maintaining a direct read from the code disk.The new CoreTech® concept uses a minimum number of very sophisticated components to achieve maximum variety: A proprietary hybrid OPTO-ASIC and a small, unique code disk. In contrast to conventional encoders with a continuous repetition of opaque and transparent fields on the code disk, CoreTech® reads the information from one circular barcode track. A second analog sine/cosine track supplies additional data which, when synchronized with the data from the barcode track, results in high resolution and accuracy. Both tracks are read simultaneously by a sophisticated sensor array on the hard-wired OPTO-ASIC.Stegmann is a wholly owned subsidiary of Max Stegmann GmbH in Donaueschingen, Germany. Stegmann is a world leader in the design and manufacture of incremental, absolute and linear encoders, as well as motor feedback systems.For more information contact: Stegmann, Inc., 7496 Webster Street, Dayton, OH 45413; (800) 811-9110; (937) 454-1956; fax: (937) 454-1955; email:; or visit

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