USDATA and Robotic Vision Systems Form Strategic Alliance to Provide End-to-End Traceability Solutions for Manufacturers

  • March 17, 2010
  • USDATA Corporation
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Goal: “cradle to grave” tracking for industrial components to reduce manufacturing and warranty costsRICHARDSON, Texas, and NASHUA, New Hampshire – April 15, 2003 – USDATA Corporation (NASDAQ:USDC), a leading supplier of industrial automation software solutions, and Robotic Vision Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: ROBV) (RVSI), a world leader in machine vision systems and direct part marking, verification, and reading technology, today announced a strategic alliance to provide end-to-end traceability solutions for component manufacturers. RVSI’s direct part-mark verification and reading technology will be integrated with USDATA’s manufacturing execution system technology to provide customers with tightly coupled system solutions featuring component level traceability and genealogy.Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will immediately commence joint marketing, sales, and solution delivery initiatives targeted at industries that have heightened requirements for unit-level traceability, principally the automotive and aerospace industries. Multiple factors are moving manufacturers to implement unit-level traceability, including product liability issues, warranty costs, regulatory issues, and cost avoidance. Companies need to be able to contain potential quality problems before and after the product leaves the plant and provide detailed product genealogy information to trading partners.“Warranty costs in the automotive sector alone exceed $9 billion a year,” said Jim Fleet, interim president and CEO of USDATA. “OEMs are beginning to require component and sub-component genealogy and traceability information from their suppliers. Our alliance with RVSI will allow us to deliver seamless systems that support this requirement. RVSI is the market leader in all aspects of the direct part-marking technology necessary for component traceability applications. The strong capabilities of their technology are a critical element of any complete traceability solution. RVSI’s presence in industries such as automotive and aerospace should immediately benefit customers as they begin to implement these types of systems.”“As the mandate for direct part marking grows, manufacturers are increasingly recognizing that component identification can lead to substantial processing savings if integrated with the right data management and reporting infrastructure,” said Pat V. Costa, chairman and CEO of RVSI. “We believe USDATA’s recognized expertise in manufacturing execution systems and their rich set of shop floor application software will help customers progress faster to these benefits. By combining our innovative technologies, we will be able to help customers turn the cost of compliance into manufacturing savings.” The agreement also provides for ongoing collaborative solution development and technology integration between the two companies. “Whether driven by increasing regulatory requirements such as the TREAD act, emerging standards such as ATA 2000, or the desire to better serve their customers, reduce costs, and avoid potential liability, it really makes good business sense for manufacturers to implement unit-level traceability solutions,” said Greg Gorbach, service director, collaborative manufacturing and architecture at ARC Advisory Group. “Taking traceability and genealogy down to the component level with a tightly coupled solution will help manufacturers ensure quality during production and reduce their post-production support costs.”About USDATANow in its 28th year, USDATA Corporation, headquartered in Richardson, Texas, is a leading global provider of software and services that give enterprises the knowledge and control needed to perfect the products they produce and the processes they manage. Based upon a tradition of flexible service, innovation, and integration, USDATA’s software currently operates in a variety of industries in more than 60 countries. Customers include seventeen of the top twenty-five manufacturers. USDATA’s software heritage has emerged from manufacturing and process automation solutions and has grown to encompass vast product knowledge and control solutions. The company has a global network of distribution and support partners. For more information, visit USDATA on the web at or call 877.873.2821.About RVSI Robotic Vision Systems, Inc. (RVSI) has the most comprehensive line of machine vision systems available today. Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, with offices worldwide, RVSI is the world leader in vision-based semiconductor inspection and media transfer equipment. Using leading-edge technology, RVSI joins vision-enabled process equipment, high-performance optics, lighting, and advanced hardware and software to assure product quality, identify and track parts, control manufacturing processes, and ultimately enhance profits for companies worldwide. Currently serving the semiconductor, electronics, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and packaging industries, RVSI holds approximately 100 patents in a broad range of technologies. For more information visit or call 800.669.5234.

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