ELAU P4 robot certified for cleanroom use

  • November 10, 2010
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November 10, 2010 - ELAU received certification for its PacDrive P4 Delta 3 robot mechanics. The Fraunhofer Institute IPA conducted a comprehensive series of tests to confirm that even at full capacity, P4 meets the requirements for a Class 6 cleanroom. This is confirmation from an established and well recognized source that P4 is suitable for many demanding applications in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries.The PacDrive P4 Delta 3 robot is made almost completely of stainless steel. Unlike most currently available equipment, which uses carbon fiber parts, the P4 Delta 3 uses stainless steel for parts that have been kinematically optimized to ensure maximum torque. Stainless steel offers enormous advantages because it prevents environmental contamination from particles dislodged by impact during damage or even destruction of kinematics components, for example in a crash. Carbon fiber materials can release carbon fiber particles to the environment in such a situation, resulting in unacceptable contamination that can be remediated only with extensive and time-consuming cleaning efforts.The servo drives in the P4 are completely enclosed. Except for the motor housings, all bearings are free of lubricants. The entire unit is suitable for washdown up to IP 65, and thus allows the typical cleaning procedures used in hygienic environments.In its report, the Fraunhofer Institute IPA confirms that the P4s (b)-x-CW15-1200 is suitable for use in Class 6 cleanrooms pursuant to ISO 14644-1, even at full capacity. Fraunhofer IPA Test Report No. EL 1004-519 contains detailed information on its testing conditions. With this certified version of the P4, ELAU offers an alternative to the current practice of using noncertified robotic elements in production and packaging systems for hygienic environments, so long as the contamination risk is reasonable. In many cases, a lack of available equipment means that there are no alternatives to this approach. The cleanroom version of the P4 gives customers the ability to have their processes completely certified. Learn More

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