eSight Energy to supply energy management software to Winstanley

  • June 03, 2010
  • News
June 3, 2010 - eSight Energy has been selected by Winstanley Enterprises to deploy eSight; their energy suite which will be used to manage and reduce energy usage across the organization’s portfolio of buildings. eSight Energy will be assisting Winstanley with the streamlining and automation of energy data collection and reduction in energy usage. This will be managed through the use of eSight across multiple utilities in an extensive array of remote building locations across the US. Ken Grant, VP of Asset Services for Winstanley said, “Winstanley Enterprises is extremely excited to deploy the suite of solutions provided by eSight Energy and reap the benefits of their energy management platform. We believe this is a win-win solution for all parties involved. Winstanley’s tenants will gain real-time access to their energy consumption data and our staff will be given the capability to lower energy costs utilizing this strategic energy management solution. Our investors in turn are excited with a more efficiently managed building – allowing our staff to perform more value-added services through the automation eSight provides and of course eSight will assist Winstanley Enterprises further down the path towards carbon footprint reduction and continuing Winstanley’s Green Team quest to provide greener operating solutions for our Real Estate Portfolio.” eSight will be used to collect data from a wide range of sources and will provide Winstanley with a centralized solution to manage all aspects of their energy usage. In line with Winstanley Enterprises’ hands-on approach as a property owner, tenants will be able to view energy data through eSight’s user-friendly Express access. This allows building tenants to have active involvement in the commitment of reducing energy usage and cutting costs. VP of Sales for eSight Energy, Janie Jefferies-Freer said,“We are thrilled to be working with Winstanley Enterprises – from the outset we believed that eSight offered an extremely tight fit with their requirements and have been able to demonstrate this in practice. eSight has provided Winstanley with a solution to convergence of data, management of energy and delivery of information in a usable format to tenants across multiple remote locations. We look forward to a long and productive partnership with the team at Winstanley.” About eSight Energy, Inc. Brought to you by eSight Energy, eSight is the most sophisticated and comprehensive energy management suite available worldwide. Utilizing 100% web enabled technology, eSight offers an extensive range of techniques for analyzing energy usage and targeting sites to make significant energy and cost savings. The suite may be accessed across the internet or installed to site and accessed over the local network. eSight may be used to monitor data from virtually any energy related system including meters and loggers, building management and control systems, production data and data from any utility type including electricity, natural gas, water steam, compressed air, temperature and more. eSight combines powerful techniques for understanding energy usage and targeting specific areas for reductions, with an exceptionally intuitive user interface. Already in use worldwide, eSight is available in a wide range of languages and currencies.About Winstanley Enterprises, LLC Formed in 1990, Winstanley Enterprises enjoys a reputation as a hands-on service oriented property owner. Headquartered in Concord, MA, Winstanley Enterprises offers a variety of leasing solutions and can accommodate needs ranging from 1,000 ft2 office tenants to 100,000 ft2 + users. Their portfolio includes office, biotech, flexible research & development, manufacturing, warehouse and retail properties. Winstanley’s three business units, Winstanley Enterprises, LLC, Winstanley Property Management, LLC and Winstanley Construction Management, LLC are vertically aligned to provide their portfolio with a full complement of high quality services. Learn More

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