Fertig Motors to build motors for Beckhoff Automation

  • December 01, 2010
  • Beckhoff Automation
  • News
December 1, 2010 – Fertig Motors, in a joint venture with the Beckhoff Group, will co-develop and produce Beckhoff servomotors. In cooperation with Fertig Motors, Beckhoff is developing new product series of servomotors that are specially designed for PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology. Fertig Motors was established in March 2010 as a joint venture between Beckhoff Automation and Erwin Fertig, the former CEO and founder of Elau. Fertig currently has a team of 15 experienced motor and drive technology developers. The production facility is currently under construction and will begin series production at the end of 2011. “Our goal is to develop the next generation of servomotors: more dynamic, more energy-efficient and available at a low cost. Our team of highly motivated specialists is looking forward to this new challenge and is going about its work with enthusiasm. In order to ensure maximum quality standards and to guarantee high availability, all motors should be ‘Made in Germany,’” states Erwin Fertig. With the new standard product lines as a basis, the intent is to also develop and manufacture application-specific motors in the future. In this way, Beckhoff and Fertig Motors strive to provide their customers and their customers’ applications with ideally suited motion products. The existing standard servomotor series from Beckhoff – the AM2000, AM3000 and AM3500 – will, of course, continue to be expanded even further, so that the widest possible range of motion solutions will be available. Hans Beckhoff, Managing Director of Beckhoff Automation, regards the cooperation with Fertig Motors as a major step in the company’s development: “We have always specialized in hardware and software, and naturally we have extensive know-how in drive technology. However, our knowledge will now be decisively deepened with the development of our own motor series, especially in the area of highly dynamic magnetic mechanics and the associated control algorithms. We are delighted with this new partnership and are convinced that we will be able to offer our customers even more powerful system solutions as a result.”Beckhoff Automation provides advanced, open automation products based upon proven technologies so that customers can implement high performance control systems faster and at a lower overall cost than traditional PLC and motion control systems. Beckhoff’s “New Automation Technology” product range includes PC based control, industrial PCs, automation controllers, operator interface, I/O, servo drives and motors. With representation in more than 60 countries, Beckhoff is well positioned to provide global sales and service to its customers. Sales and service are handled directly, with no intermediaries involved to provide faster response and improved communications. Learn More

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