How to Choose the Right Industrial Rated IP-67 Switch

  • December 13, 2010
  • Ethernet Direct Inc.
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By Ethernet DirectIn some industry applications, the environment is humid and temperature distribution is in a confined space. This can lead to condensing situation and considered as harsh industrial environment. Vaporization may be present in the air throughout the atmosphere. IP-67 switches are often used in harsh or extreme industrial environments, where the devices might come into contact with water or a very humid condition. Under such situation, protection such as the PC board of the switches against condensing environment is mandatory; otherwise it will cause risks to the product life and reliability. How to choose the right Industrial rated IP-67 switch? The need for Industrial switches is mostly defined by the environment they will be subjected to. Temperature range is one of the important areas but not the only one. In mission critical and harsh environments like where most Industrial hardened Ethernet switches are deployed, conformal coating acts as protection against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes that if non-protected could result in a complete failure of the electronic system. These applications include mining, metal industries, oil & gas, military applications, chemical processing and food and beverage industries. Conformal coatings encapsulate circuit boards and their electronic components in order to prevent the ingress of moisture, fungus, dust and other environmental contaminants. After the coating is made on the switches, it provides environmental and mechanical protection to significantly extend the life of the components and circuitry to meet the challenges in severe industrial environments.About Ethernet Direct CorporationEthernet Direct brings a control system engineering perspective to networking technology. The principals of Ethernet Direct come from process-control and PLC system backgrounds. The Global Ethernet Direct team covers operations from Product know-how, design implementation, quality assurance, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing & technical support. Learn More

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