ITT connectors help power geothermal well

  • June 14, 2010
  • Case Study
June 14, 2010 - ITT's Wellhead Feedthru and Surface Power Connector are being used by the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in Reno, Nevada. The connectors are used to supply electrical power to the electric submersible pump in the well, which delivers hot water from the underground formation to the resort. The 4,400 ft. deep well, which went live in January of this year, produces an excellent flow rate, pressure and fluid temperature, which exceeded initial expectations and requirements.Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in Reno, Nevada, has long shown itself to be committed to the principles of green energy, having first drilled three geothermal wells on its property in the 1980s to partially heat the hotel and its swimming pools. In 2009, the owners of the resort decided to investigate replacing their gas-driven boilers with a green energy solution to heat hot water, and after consulting with Dr. Jim Coombs of Geo Hills Associates LLC in Reno, they decided to implement the project and sink a fourth geothermal well in the resort.The Wellhead Feedthru and Surface Power Connectors are available in sizes and configurations to fit almost any electrical submersible pump (ESPs), downhole instrument and gauge (Smart Well equipment) and downhole heater applications, allowing maximum flexibility when choosing well completion equipment. Heavy-duty metal shells prevent collapse from high-pressure well conditions and are a key element in maintaining a fluid barrier at the wellhead. The final assembly assures safe, reliable delivery of electrical power to downhole applications.About ITT Interconnect SolutionsITT Interconnect Solutions is an international manufacturer and supplier of connectors including circular, rectangular, fiber optic, RF, power and high voltage, audio, PCMCIA, Compact Flash Card, enclosures, cable assemblies, and application specific custom solutions. The Interconnect Solutions portfolio includes the brands Cannon, VEAM, and BIW. Learn More

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