Macro Sensors releases Signal Conditioner product demo on YouTube

  • November 07, 2010
  • Macro Sensors
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November 7, 2010 - Macro Sensors provides instructions on how to connect, install and calibrate the EAZY-CAL MME-1000 LVDT signal conditioner. The YouTube video shows that a fingertip calibration routine can be used to field calibrate the EAZY-CAL signal conditioner in a few seconds. The EAZY-CAL MME-1000 mini-module saves time and money by eliminating repetitive null and span potentiometer adjustments associated with conventional analog based signal conditioners. Using two easily accessible front panel push buttons, calibrations are accomplished digitally in mere seconds. An intuitive, sequencing four LED status indicator guides the operator through the calibration process, and provides foolproof feedback to insure calibration integrity. Macro Sensors’ YouTube video on the EAZY-CA: LVDT Signal Conditioner provides complete hands-on instruction on:
  • Suggested calibration equipment
  • Mechanical mounting
  • Electrical input.out connector
  • LVDT wirting
  • Core Position
  • Calibration routines
  • About Macro SensorsMacro Sensors‚Äô extensive line of LVDT-based linear and rotary sensors are used for linear position measurement and feedback in a variety of industrial applications including factory automation, motion control systems, metal fabricating, and automotive assembly, as well as power generation. Incorporated in 1994, the Company offers more than 200 years of cumulative design and manufacturing experience by its key staff in serving its OEM and end-user worldwide customer base. On June 1, 2005, Macro Sensors was acquired by AST, manufacturer of state-of-the-art Micro-Electro- Mechanical- Structures (MEMS) based pressure sensors, transducers, and transmitters. Common applications of AST sensor products are in industrial OEM, hydraulic systems, fuel cells, medical gases, HVAC/R, refrigeration, oil & gas exploration/production, and off-road vehicles. Learn More

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