Marsh Bellofram achieves Hazardous Certification for Voltage Alert

  • July 12, 2010
  • News
July 12, 2010 - Marsh Bellofram achieved hazardous area certifications (Class 1, Division 2, HAZ LOC, Groups A, B, C, D) for its UPA-130 series Universal Voltage Alert. The UPA-130 series Universal Voltage Alert is designed to reduce the risk of electric arc flash by pre-verifying the electrical isolation from outside of a control panel before it is re-verified with a meter. It operates over a standard range of 40 to 750 VAC (30 to 1000 VDC) line-to-line or ground-to-ground, is phase insensitive and offers high surge immunity protection. When hardwired to the load side of a circuit breaker or main disconnects, the UPA-130 series flashes upon detection of hazardous AC and DC voltage in any individual phase. After disconnecting power to an enclosure, electricians can pre-verify voltage isolation while an enclosure door is still safely closed. The compact, eight-detector UPA-130 series offers a potted construction with six-foot leads and is designed to fit a 30mm knockout. Its design includes redundant circuitry and the incorporation of long-life display panel LED’s for extended use, with components housed in NEMA 4X, 12 and 13 electrical enclosures. The UPA-130 series Universal Voltage Alert is a reliable safety tool for pre-verification of the presence or absence of residual electrical power or charges, or as a zero energy indicator, both before or during mechanical lock out/tag out (LOTO) procedures. It can also be used to enhance NFPA 70E and OSHA regulatory compliance standards. The UPA-130 series is also ideal for use in applications such as circuit breaker disconnects, as well as with NFPA 70e Category III and IV high energy panels; or as an added electrical safety tool on other types of frequently accessed electrical panels. In addition to its hazardous area certifications, the UPA-130 is also compliant to CATIII and CATIV standards, and is CE marked and UL-approved in both the US and Canada. Learn More

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