PLCopen Function Blocks for Motion Control released for comments

  • June 08, 2010
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June 8, 2010 - The success of the PLCopen Motion Control started with the release of the first specification in November 2001. Feedback from both users and implementers resulted in an update in 2005, Version 1.1. Also in 2005 the first release of Part 2 – Extensions, was published. This part is an addition to Part 1 and not so much a stand alone document.New ideas, new functionalities and new feedback resulted in 2008 in the decision to merge Part 1 and 2 in a new specification, to be released as Part 1, version 2.0. Basically the two sets of function blocks have been merged. In addition, several changes were done. These changes include (however are not limited to):
  • A new input ‘Continuous Update’ to all relevant Function Blocks extending the behavior of the relevant motion related function blocks by the Execute and Enable functionality
  • A new Function Block CombineAxes, combining the motion of 2 axes into a 3rd axis with selectable combination method. Basically it is a calculation of a new position setpoint based on the position setpoints of the two input axes.
  • New Function Blocks ReadMotionState and ReadAxisInfo
  • New input MasterValueSource and corresponding datatype in MC_CamIn, MC_GearIn, MC_GearInPos, MC_ReadMotionState, and MC_CombineAxes
  • Split of MC_Phasing and MC_MoveContinuous Function Blocks in to both relative and absolute versions
  • The simplification of the representation of the State Diagram, with a.o. the removal of the transition commands
  • Adopted description resulting in a changed behavior of the output Active
  • Aborting mode deleted in some Function Blocks and changes in the mcAborting enum
  • With these new functionalities, the PLCopen Motion Control profile can be used in additional application areas. Areas where the ease-of-use provided is unknown until now.But before the official release we want to make sure that this fits your needs, meaning we want your comments. For this reason this new specification has been released for comments until August 16, 2010, combined with a feedback form for your input.About PLCopenPLCopen was founded in 1992 as an independent worldwide association for industrial suppliers and users. It is the leading association resolving topics related to industrial control programming. PLCopen creates concepts to reduce the costs of industrial automation. These cost savings are realized in areas such as engineering, training, operation and maintenance. Together with its members, PLCopen creates specifications to materialize these concepts. Learn More

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