Siemon’s Z-MAX 6A connector meets Global 10G Standard

  • July 22, 2010
  • News
July 22, 2010. Independent, 3rd-party ETL testing confirms that Siemon’s Z-MAX 6A shielded connector exceeds all category 6A component performance parameters specified by newly published amendment 2 of ISO/IEC 11801, 2nd ed. and IEC 60603-7-51 for category 6A connecting hardware. Performed by Intertek, an industry-recognized ETL testing provider, the testing assessed NEXT loss, return loss, insertion loss, FEXT loss, TCL, TCTL, DC resistance, DC resistance unbalance, PSANEXT loss, and PSAFEXT loss performance. The Z-MAX 6A shielded connecting hardware showed performance headroom across all tested parameters. In addition to component compliance to the more stringent ISO/IEC requirements, independent 3rd-party testing conducted by UL verifies that Siemon’s Z-MAX 6A shielded end-to-end system exceeds category 6A/class EA channel requirements specified by ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and amendment 1 of ISO/IEC 11801 2nd ed. The complete Z-MAX 6A shielded channel consists of Z-MAX 6A outlets, Siemon category 6A shielded cable and Z-MAX 6A patch panels, as well as Z-MAX 6A patch cords, which feature a design integrating a precisely tuned printed circuit board (PCB) into every plug for enhanced signal integrity and unparalleled end-to-end system performance. The Z-MAX 6A shielded connector’s high performance is driven by an exclusive, patent-pending linear termination module that eliminates split and crossed pairs. The linear Z-MAX termination module allows conductors to be laced quickly into position without pair crosses, thereby maintaining and protecting cable pair geometry for optimized transmission. The Z-MAX 6A shielded outlet also features exclusive diagonally-oriented IDC contact technology. This unique diagonal configuration maximizes distance between contacts within side-stacked outlets compared with traditional rectangular contact layouts. Maximizing pair-to-pair separation between adjacent outlets minimizes alien crosstalk. The enhanced noise resistance in shielded Z-MAX systems enables ultra-high density patching, accommodating up to 48 ports within 1U (one rack mount space). The innovative combination of Z-MAX linear termination module and outlet is also at the heart of the system's best-in-class termination time. Using the simple, patent-pending Z-TOOL™, Z-MAX 6A shielded outlets can be terminated in as little as 60 seconds from start to finish, including cable preparation. To further enhance flexibility and user-friendliness, Z-MAX work area outlets feature an exclusive hybrid design that allows both flat and angled mounting orientations with the same outlet. Enhanced high visibility printed icons provide a complete color -coded identification system. Z-MAX 6A is supported by multiple work area faceplates and surface mount options in addition to a full suite of Siemon data center cabinet, rack and cable management products. About Siemon:Established in 1903, Siemon is an industry leader specializing in the manufacture and innovation of high quality, high-performance network cabling solutions. Headquartered in Connecticut, USA, with global offices, manufacturing and service partners throughout the world, Siemon offers the most comprehensive suite of copper (unshielded and shielded twisted-pair) category 5e, category 6 (Class E), category 6A (Class EA) and category 7/7A (Class F/FA), and multimode and singlemode optical fiber cabling systems available. With over 400 active patents specific to structured cabling, from patch cords to patch panels, Siemon Labs invests heavily in R&D and development of industry standards, underlining the company's long-term commitment to its customers and the industry. Learn More

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