Wi-Fi Sensors Monitor Buildings at Bluefield State College

  • June 17, 2010
  • Case Study
June 17, 2010 – Bluefield State College Research and Development Corporation, a Bluefield West Virginia based non-profit organization that provides dormitory housing for higher education, conference room facilities, technology-based small business incubator facilities, and economic development enhancement for southern West Virginia and southwest Virginia has deployed Temperature@lert’s Wi-Fi Edition to ensure that environmental controls and necessary amenities can be easily and safely monitored by student Resident Advisors (RA’s)."Temperature@lert's Wi-Fi Edition is a valuable tool to assure our customers that any issues with hot water, heating and AC, or pool heat are immediately addressed," said Gerald James, Executive Director of the Bluefield State College Research and Development Corporation. "We now enjoy the advantages of a networked notification solution that reliably creates and sends alerts at times when issues occur without the expensive implementation and overhead typically associated with other systems. In the past, checking these systems involved either waiting on a report of failure from a customer or sending a student RA around to physically check the systems. Now these systems are monitored from the front desk and the automatic alerts allow us to get an immediate start in resolving the failure."In one memorable incident, a student who was concerned about hot water temperature in his room was able to be shown immediately that the water temperature in the hot water supply system had not only been operating the morning in question, but continuously for the past several weeks. “Being able to immediately pull up the data with the student and view the graph together helped not only to address a potentially legitimate complaint but also assured the student our operations were being continuously monitored and when problems arise, we are notified and can address them right away,” noted Mr. James."Like many of our customers, when Bluefield State College Research and Development Corporation needed a cost-effective monitoring system, they found our Wi-Fi Edition easy to buy, install and use," said Harry Schechter, CEO of Temperature@lert. "Our Temperature@lert Wi-Fi sensors provide immediate feedback through email alerts when temperature fluctuations occur. With our soon to be released Dashboard service, our customers will be able to send not only email but also text message alerts to several users and set multiple levels of alarm temperatures."Throughout the world, thousands of Temperature@lert USB, Wi-Fi and Cellular temperature sensors are helping protect key building systems - in office buildings, biotech labs, restaurants and college dormitories. About Bluefield State College Research and Development CorporationBluefield State College Research and Development Corporation (BSC R&D) was founded to serve as a catalyst for aggressive community and economic development through high quality education, productive partnerships, and joint ventures that increase educational expertise, collaborative research, and innovative business development fostering diverse employment opportunities. The Corporation operates a 6 story office building in historic downtown Bluefield, WV that serves as a technology transfer and community development resource to the region. About Temperature@lertTemperature@lert is the leading provider of low-cost, high-performance temperature monitoring products. Its products provide early warning of temperature changes before it's too late. Since launching, over 10,000 Temperature@lert products have been sold to customers in over 40 countries. Temperature@lert systems are protecting over $250,000,000 of customer assets. Learn More

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