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  • July 06, 2010
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July 6, 2010 - Zwick Roell Group launched ‘Zwick Roell TV’ on YouTube, enabling viewers to watch, in detail, all sorts of products and materials being tested to destruction using advanced robotic systems. We all get a delicious sense of satisfaction seeing something being stretched to its limit, bent, bashed, crushed and broken, but materials testing also has a serious role in the development and manufacture of high-quality, safe products. Already boasting more than 200 views, Zwick Roell’s new YouTube channel is regularly updated with short, informative videos, in both English and German. The films demonstrate efficient and effective application of automated materials testing for a whole range of products across multiple industries. All videos are freely available and anyone wishing to subscribe can do so via a YouTube or Google account at: Automated testing benefits a huge variety of industries, products and materials. Some of the tests covered by videos currently available on Zwick Roell TV include:
  • Tensile testing on concrete steel, composite materials and ‚ÄòArtificial Tissue in Temperature-controlled Environment‚Äô
  • Tensile, bending, impact and puncture testing on plastics as well as reflection and transmitted light measurements and ‚ÄòExtrusion plastometry for the determination of melt flow rate (MFR) and melt volume rate (MVR)‚Äô
  • Charpy impact testing on plastics and metals
  • Robotic testing for both heavy plates, up to 50mm, and thin sheets
  • Biaxial testing on biomaterials
  • And, for the pharmaceutical industry:*Horizontal testing on catheter systems*Hardness testing on a dental ceramics*Fatigue testing on spinal implants*Push & Turn testing on screw caps for pill bottles
  • Materials testing is critical to product quality and safety, and is closely regulated within industry standards and guidelines. As all Zwick Roell systems are designed to work within relevant guidelines. The videos on the group‚Äôs new YouTube channel promote best practice and are therefore as educational and informative as they are fascinating to watch. Sign up and see for yourself at ‚ÄòZwick Roell TV‚Äô on YouTube. About the Zwick Roell Group Zwick Roell Group customers benefit from more than 150 years of experience in the manufacturing of high quality testing systems. Zwick is the global leader in static testing and is experiencing significant growth with its dynamic test systems. A financially strong and family run business, its innovative product developments, diverse product range, and global support provide tailored solutions targeted specifically at the needs of both Research and Development and Quality Assurance customers. Serving more than 20 industry sectors with 960 employees, via manufacturing facilities in Germany, regional headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Singapore, as well as offices in 56 countries worldwide, the brand name Zwick is a guarantee of the highest quality and support. Learn More

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