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  • April 05, 2011
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April 5, 2011 - A systems integration company has been set up in the UK, which is offering customers a blend of in-house skills incorporating mechanical, electrical and software engineering. The company, Adansor Systems Integration – a division of pipe measurement products and services provider Optical Metrology Services (OMS) Ltd – will provide customers with a trio of core competences that incorporates all the key elements of systems integration projects: Mechanical (precision engineering, mechatronics and kinematics), Electrical (bespoke electronics and off-the-shelf product integration) and Software (PC-based, embedded and realtime systems). On the design side, Adansor Systems Integration has in-house expertise in both mechanical and electrical engineering design, including certified SolidWorks Professionals. This enables the company to satisfy all clients’ requirements on a systems integration project, including the creation of 3D CAD models, technical drawings, general assembly drawings, bills of materials and photorealistic renderings of integrated systems and components. These services also include custom PCB design using software applications such as ‘DesignSpark’ and ‘MultiSim’. In system build and manufacture, Adansor has unrivalled in-house prototyping, manufacturing and precision engineering capabilities at its facility in Bishop’s Stortford. Here, bespoke components can be produced in a range of materials such as steel, aluminium, composites and plastics. Adansor also offers PCB assembly, including custom manufactured PCBs and duplicates, as well as electrical wiring carried out by fully trained and experienced technicians. National Instruments LabVIEW Expertise In most systems integration projects, National Instruments LabVIEW software is now accepted as the simplest and most reliable means of interfacing and integrating different hardware platforms. The software offers industry standard platforms and programming for product testing, automated test sequencing, dynamic test scheduling, full reporting and statistical process control (SPC). Here, Adansor scores very high as the company’s senior NI LabVIEW programmer, David Briscoe, is one of only 16 National Instruments Certified LabVIEW Architects in the UK. This means Adansor is able to offer customers unrivalled expertise in terms of software and hardware systems integration. Richard Brown, Engineering Manager at Adansor Systems Integration comments: “Our mix of mechanical, electrical and software integration skills is unusual, particularly in the UK market, where most systems integrators are only able to offer one or two in-house core skills at best, with the rest of the work having to be outsourced to third parties. Because of its experience working on projects for OMS Ltd, Adansor is able to offer all the necessary design, manufacturing and software integration skills that are required on every systems integration or mechatronics project these days.” Alongside its expertise in NI LabVIEW, Adansor provides a range of custom PC and embedded control systems solutions, including microcontroller-based systems, industrial rack mount PC systems (Windows and Realtime-based), and distributed SCADA systems (including event logging and alarm monitoring). On the data acquisition side, Adansor offers a wide range of custom engineered solutions, from low speed monitoring applications to high speed event capture. This includes synchronised acquisition using sensor data, video and audio, digital and RF communications. Data storage, data analysis, visualisation and reporting software are also important elements included here. In addition, Adansor will design and build automated test systems for customers, including rack-based systems and generic base platforms, using a range of modular instrumentation, including switch and matrix signal routing, PSUs and DAQ/DMM. Customer Successes As a division of OMS Ltd, Adansor has already completed a wide range of systems integration projects for OMS, demonstrating Adansor’s expertise in this area. These projects include the design and build of automatic pipe measurement and weld scanning systems for major oil and gas customers; internal pipe measuring systems for the nuclear industry; and a remote operating vehicle (ROV) system for the construction industry, which uses custom engineered laser and video-based measurement and inspection hardware and software. It is hoped that Adansor’s unique blend of systems integration skills will attract customers from a variety of industry sectors, including aerospace & defence, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, automotive, oil and gas, food processing, energy and utilities, metal processing and general engineering. About Adansor Systems Integration Based in Bishops Stortford, UK, Adansor Systems Integration is a division of Optical Metrology Services Limited (OMS), a market leader in the provision of pipe measuring products and services. Adansor Systems Integration offers in-house skills and expertise in 3 key areas: mechanical, electrical and software engineering – the most important elements of any systems integration or mechatronics project. OMS Ltd specialises in measuring equipment and consulting services for use within the pipe manufacturing and pipeline construction sectors, both onshore and offshore. A key focus for OMS is in the dimensional measurement of oil and gas pipes or other structures such as military gun barrels, processing industry tubes or manufactured cylindrical objects, where dimensions are critical.

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