Animatics publishes Motion Control and Servo Motors catalog

  • April 25, 2011
  • Animatics Corporation
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April 25, 2011 - Animatics announces publication of its comprehensive 2011 catalog combining both Animatics and OEM Dynamics product lines. The catalog features Class 5 SmartMotor products, cables and connectors, and introduces numerous industry-leading motion control advancements as well as all of the information one needs to get a SmartMotor and other Animatics products connected and running. "The word catalog doesn't come close to describing this motion control handbook in its entirety" explains Robert Bigler, CEO and Co-Founder of Animatics. "For the first time ever, Animatics has combined their catalog with the OEM Dynamics' linear motion product catalog to bring the benefits of the SmartMotor coupled with our linear systems, including the innovative and efficient design of the harmonic linear drive and belt slide system." This catalog also features in-depth explanations of Animatics' Combitronic technology: a communication protocol allowing for advanced motion control of group and global addressing over a CAN network. Combitronic technology is unique to Animatics' SmartMotor products and has been implemented in multiple applications requiring advanced programming of over 100 SmartMotor servos. Over 200 pages have been composed and edited by Animatics' lead application engineers to ensure the ease of use and flow of all sections, including connectivity maps for cables, power supplies, motors and other accessories as well as expanded sections on the benefits of Class 5 SmartMotor servos, application information, Animatics' new IP65 and IP67 rated servos and the new TableTop Robot (TTR). About Animatics Corporation Animatics Corporation is Defining the Future in Motion Control. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Animatics designs, manufactures, and markets motion control products and systems, and has over 23 years in the motion control industry.

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