Keithley Publishes E-Guide to Digital Multimeters

  • April 12, 2011
  • Keithley Instruments
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April 12, 2011 - Keithley Instruments published an informative e-guide titled "High performance DMMs for single- and multi-channel applications." A free copy is downloadable upon request from Keithley. The e-guide provides an overview to the features and advantages of Keithley's line of digital multimeters, including typical applications and links to additional information and specifications:

  • Model 2100 6½-digit USB Digital Multimeter
  • Model 2000 6½-digit Multimeter
  • Model 2010 7½-digit Low Noise Autoranging DMM
  • Model 2001 7½-digit Multimeter
  • Model 2002 8½-digit Multimeter
  • Series 3700 System Switch/Multimeter
  • Series 2700 Multimeter/Data Acquisition/Switch systems

The e-guide provides selector guides to help readers identify the most appropriate DMMs for their applications and to choose among the switching card options for Series 2000, Series 3700, and Series 2700 instruments. Interactive instrument front and back panels provide an overview of common DMM capabilities. The e-guide also provides access to eight application notes on related topics:

  • Determining Resistivity and Conductivity Type
  • Solutions for Production Testing of Connectors
  • Peak Detection
  • Production Testing of Thermistors
  • Optimizing Switch/Read Rates
  • High Speed Testing of High Brightness LEDs
  • LLCR Pin Socket Testing

About Keithley Instruments, Inc. With more than 60 years of measurement expertise, Keithley Instruments has become a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems. Our customers are scientists and engineers in the worldwide electronics industry involved with advanced materials research, semiconductor device development and fabrication, and the production of end products such as portable wireless devices. The value we provide them is a combination of products for their critical measurement needs and a rich understanding of their applications to improve the quality of their products and reduce their cost of test. In 2010, Keithley Instruments joined Tektronix as part of its test and measurement portfolio.

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