SweetWilliam offers free ScadaMobile ONE SCADA software

  • January 18, 2011
  • SweetWilliam, S.L.
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January 18, 2011 - SweetWilliam announces ScadaMobile ONE, a free version of its real time PLC based systems and processes monitoring software. ScadaMobile is a native Scada/HMI app for the iOS platform supporting main PLC brands in America and Japan, including Allen Bradley Logix and Micrologix, Schneider Electric, Automation Direct, Wago and Omron Controllers among others.ScadaMobile ONE is intended for evaluation purposes and allows integrators and advanced users to explore the main features of the ScadaMobile app through several preloaded examples. It fully supports every aspect of the regular app and can be used to create and test projects by using local tags that can be later upgraded to PLC tags on the regular version. Testing real Communications with a particular PLC before investing on the unlimited version is also possible.The release of ScadaMobile ONE coincides with the support of arithmetic and logical expressions on tags leading to interesting new ways to setup ScadaMobile projects. ScadaMobile projects can be designed now with a much higher degree of flexibility, sophistication and appeal to the final user. The set of examples included in ScadaMobile ONE are specifically designed to explore these new features.As usual, OEMs are able to customize and lock down ScadaMobile configurations to work only with their particular hardware or with a particular setup. Designing projects that provide a dynamic layout for drawing attention to the key information the user needs is now possible. Final users will enjoy an even cleaner, more focused interface showing only what they require at the moment.Unlike solutions based on web browsers, ScadaMobile allows users who are on-the-go to get at relevant information quickly, even on slow carrier networks, with no time spent loading content or navigating through layers of screens.Deploying Scadamobile is easy:1- Create an excel spreadsheet containing PLC tag descriptions and behaviors in rows.2- Import the file into ScadaMobile.3- ScadaMobile will display PLC data as configured in the excel spreadsheet.ScadaMobile key features include:- Local or remote access. Any number of concurrent PLCs.- Configurable Accounts and Access Levels.- Performance independent of project size, immediate connection and display.- Boolean, Integer and Floating Point data. Scaling and formatting of PLC values.- Switchers, Sliders, Bars, Numeric Fields, Lookup Texts and more.- Alarms, Trend Graphs.- Arithmetic and Logical Expressions on tags. Local and PLC tags- Direct tag file import from Excel.- TCP/IP based security.To assist with the addition of ScadaMobile ONE to our range, the company's unlimited free e-mail support service for ScadaMobile has been extended and is now available for the ONE version in order to help integrators to getting started on this technology.ScadaMobile is available on the App Store and requires an iTunes account. A single ScadaMobile purchase can be freely installed in several iOS devices sharing the same iTunes account. Learn More

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