Video describes Automated Water Treatment HMI

  • April 05, 2011
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April 5, 2011 - Video from Open Automation Software of its self adapting HMI client application demonstrates automatically defining data sources and dynamically changing the operator interface without human intervention.The application demonstrates monitoring 1 to 25 water treatment filter beds with one click of the mouse. Automated HMI applications are easy to develop and deploy using the OPC Systems.NET 100% managed .NET components. Use the free OPC Systems component to automatically setup tags, data logging, alarm logging, alarm notification, recipe configurations, security, and more.. Automated HMI Features

  • Automatically create data source tags.
  • Automatically setup data logging.
  • Automatically define alarm limits.
  • HMI adapts to data source automatically.
  • All local and remote clients synchronize operator interface.
  • Automatically define trend pens.
  • Automatically define alarm window filter.
  • Remote connectivity.
  • Smart Client compatible.

Create operator interface applications for as little as $195 US with unlimited number of clients.  

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