Cloud Packaging uses WITTENSTEIN gearboxes in packaging machines

  • September 20, 2011
  • Wittenstein
  • Case Study

September 20, 2011 - Cloud Packaging Solutions was faced with finding a gear reducer supplier who could meet the technical challenges of high speed applications. Cloud Packaging and recently acquired Robert's Packaging manufacture the fastest pouch machines in the industry, including horizontal form fill and seal machines, water soluble blister pouch machines and stand-up pouch machines. The requirement was to source and specify servo gearboxes which would no longer be a limiting factor in the performance of the machines. The likely selection was to partner with WITTENSTEIN and its alpha range of gearboxes. Previous gearbox suppliers were unable to supply the technology and high quality demanded with high speed applications. Cloud sought the expertise of Tek-Matic, a motion control solution provider based in Rockford, IL, to help determine the best gear reducers for their high speed application. Looking at speed and reliability requirements, the WITTENSTEIN range of alpha reducers were the obvious solution for their needs. The alpha gearbox fulfilled application high speed requirements by improving throughput without risking gear reducer failure. Cloud Packaging Solutions' machines are able to run with zero downtime while delivering high quality end products, gearboxes with zero leakage and machines with zero downtime. Cloud Packaging Solutions' machines achieve optimal performance - the form, fill and seal pouch machines run up to 5,200 pouches per minute, the water dissolvable pouch machines run up to 1,400 pouches per minute and the standup pouch machines run up to 200 pouches per minute. Cloud Pouch Machines currently use a range of inline and right-angle gear reducers, including the alpha SP+, the alpha TP+ and the alpha HG+. Cloud Packaging Solutions is a leader in engineered packaging solutions. The company focuses on people, technologies and partnerships to provide customers with a competitive advantage. Tek-Matic is a distributor of automation and control products and solutions, specializing in up-front application assistance, competitive pricing, on-time delivery and after the sale support. WITTENSTEIN is committed to being a world-class partner for customers of its intelligent mechatronic drive technology, servo systems and mechanical components. By using the power of science, innovation and forward thinking engineering, the Company strives to provide cutting-edge technology for today's motion.  

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