Epicor helps HARBEC track Carbon emissions

  • September 29, 2011
  • Epicor Software Corporation
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September 29, 2011 - Epicor Software announced that HARBEC selected Epicor's carbon accounting solution, Epicor Carbon Connect, to aid in their efforts to better track, manage and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

HARBEC is a contract injection molder and precision manufacturer located in upstate New York, has prided itself on sustainability efforts over the past few decades -- whether it be the way they produce clean, sustainable energy using a wind turbine and a combined heat and power plant, or through their sustainable building design and recycling programs, the company has always had a vested interest in "being green." Despite their advanced methods of carbon reduction, HARBEC only had manual systems of measurement and data collection to track their carbon output. The company decided that a more accurate and credible solution was necessary in order to reach their goal of being carbon neutral by 2013. HARBEC was already using Epicor's next-generation ERP system, so Epicor Carbon Connect was the best fit to produce the results they wanted. "Ultimately we needed a monthly report of how we're doing in terms of sustainability metrics," said Bob Bechtold, president and founder of HARBEC. "Those metrics are as serious to us as other common business metrics like financial reporting." HARBEC is also in the process of pursuing certification to the newly released ISO 50001 energy management systems standard, which requires systematic documentation of carbon emissions using solutions such as Epicor Carbon Connect. Bechtold added that many companies claim to be environmentally friendly with little or no substantiation, but this new certification and solution will give HARBEC the competitive advantage of actually proving they are a leader in sustainability. "Having credible documentation that comes from a robust ERP solution will allow us to quantify what we're doing," Bechtold said. "Any company can compensate for its carbon emissions by purchasing offsets, but this solution will enable HARBEC to efficiently and accurately track our carbon footprint, helping us to manage it toward zero through efficiencies and smarter power generation." Epicor Carbon Connect is designed to help companies identify, analyze, audit, track, manage, benchmark and report on their carbon emissions/environmental impact and energy consumption. The enterprise carbon accounting solution is available on-premise, or on-demand with Epicor's next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite. As part of Epicor's ERP product suite, Epicor Carbon Connect draws on information that will assist companies to calculate their expected emissions output and budget for their environmental cost factors. Epicor Carbon Connect is a fundamental part of an overall financial management and accounting system to enable companies to engage in emissions accounting for regulatory, public relations, marketing, and operational efficiency purposes. About Epicor Software Corporation Epicor Software Corporation (recently combined with Activant Solutions Inc.) is a global leader delivering business software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail and services industries. With nearly 40 years of experience serving midmarket organizations and divisions of Global 1000 companies, Epicor has more than 33,000 customers in over 150 countries.

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