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  • December 22, 2011
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 December 22, 2011—ST100 Flare Gas Flow Meter Applications Brochure from Fluid Components International (FCI) explains how the precision metering of flare gases and feed lines optimizes the disposal of waste gases in oil/gas land-based and offshore production fields as well as refineries, improving efficiency and safety while avoiding environmental reporting issues.

Flaring systems are used to burn-off and dispose of waste, excess or off-gases, and as a safety system to protect processes and equipment. They are found throughout the world in oil and gas processing systems, refineries and petrochemical plants. Flare flow meters are a critical component used in these systems to monitor, measure and report the gas flows within these systems. Flare flow meters provide plant operations with a tool to signal abnormal process changes, early leak detection, and report on flared gases to comply with environmental agency reporting.

FCI has been a leading provider of flare gas flow meter solutions for more than two decades. FCI flow meters are installed in both land-based and offshore platform flare systems throughout the world. The new ST100 Series Air/Gas Flow Meters leverage these experiences with extensive features and functions that extend and optimize their application in flare flow measurement.
Whether a rig’s, platform’s or plant’s flares are single-line or a large flaring system with a complex array of tributary lines and mixed gases, there is an FCI solution. From superior low flow measurement to detect the smallest leaks and up to 1000 SFPS [305 NMPS] to accurately measure major upset conditions at very high flows, FCI ST100 Series Flow Meters provide flexibility and reliability in rugged environments.
The ST100 Series is comprised of two core model families: the ST and STP.   The ST family measures both mass flow and temperature, and the exclusive STP family adds a third parameter—pressure. The STP configuration makes the ST100 the world’s first triple-variable thermal flow meter, measuring flow, temperature and pressure. Both families include single-point and dual-element models as configurations outfitted with FCI’s exclusive in-situ calibration option, VeriCal System. 
Many flare meter installations, either per plant edict or for compliance with environmental regulations, require regular validation of calibration. Traditionally this has required a cumbersome and costly project to remove the meter from service and return it to a lab, which is particularly frustrating if the meter is found to still be within calibrated specifications.  FCI’s exclusive VeriCal System option eliminates the need for unnecessary de-installation.
The VeriCal system provides a simple-to-use tool to verify the FCI flow meter is still within calibration without extracting the meter from pipe.  The VeriCal System consists of a special VeriCal ready flow sensor, a portable VeriCal Kit (which can be used with any number of VeriCal-ready ST100 Flow Meters) and an additional benchmark calibration document to which field verification samples are compared.
The ST100 Series Flow Meters combine a broad range of easy to install insertion flow elements with the industry’s most powerful and flexible electronics/transmitter and specialized, precision flare gas calibrations. With wide turn downs, specific calibrations for mixed gas compositions, FCI ST100 Series Flow Meters provide maximum output flexibility with 4-20 mA analog outputs or bus communications such as HART, Foundation Fieldbus, or Modbus. The ST100 Series delivers a truly state-of-the-art gas flow meter for industrial process, plant and offshore flare applications.
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