HANNOVER MESSE announces IndustrialGreenTec

  • July 21, 2011
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July 21, 2011 - HANNOVER MESSE is launching IndustrialGreenTec, a new flagship trade fair that will significantly expand its coverage of environmental technology and sustainability issues. The organizers are pleased to announce that they have secured the support of the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) as the new show's non-commercial sponsor. ZVEI CEO Klaus Mittelbach explains: "In order to keep pace with their international rivals, our members need to put their innovation, growth and competitiveness on a sustainable footing. Environmental technologies are a big part of this. The advent of IndustrialGreenTec means that in 2012 HANNOVER MESSE will, for the very first time, have a dedicated environmental technology show that will serve both as an exhibition platform and as a forum for quality dialogue." The announcement of IndustrialGreenTec has met with widespread industry approval. "HANNOVER MESSE is the world's leading industrial technology trade fair and, as such, is a key indicator of trends and developments in industry worldwide. The new tradeshow is further proof of this. IndustrialGreenTec provides a multidisciplinary forum for environmental technologies and sustainability, and HARTING will certainly be exhibiting there. We entered the renewable energy market early on and have made a name for ourselves as developers of solutions for wind energy, solar energy and energy-efficient power grids. Environmental protection and sustainability are core parts of our corporate philosophy. In fact, in 2011, our commitment to the environment earned us certification as an environmentally responsible company under the German government's "Klimaschutzunternehmen" initiative. Furthermore, our internal social responsibility management systems were recently given a clean bill of health by an independent auditor," said Philip Harting, Senior Vice President Connectivity & Networks at the HARTING Technology Group. Mid-sized companies like OMT Oberflächen- und Materialtechnologie GmbH intend to use IndustrialGreenTec to profile technologies that have traditionally received very little attention at HANNOVER MESSE. "Intelligent energy storage requires a good balance between central and decentralized storage and between mobile and stationary storage. Lithium-ion technology will play a pivotal role in this regard owing to its potential in scalable modular energy storage systems. To position ourselves for this promising market, we are currently in the process of setting up ECC GmbH, an independent production company that will have the flexibility and vitality of an SME. As part of HANNOVER MESSE, IndustrialGreenTec is the perfect platform for putting our technologies in front of a quality international trade audience," said OMT Director Dr. Detlev Repenning. IndustrialGreenTec will premiere at HANNOVER MESSE 2012 and focus on pioneering environmental technology and sustainability solutions. The new tradeshow will give manufacturing companies something they've never had before: an international platform where they can showcase products, technologies and processes designed to promote eco-friendly and sustainable production. In addition to an exhibition area, IndustrialGreenTec will feature an environmental technology information center, where visitors will be able to find out about financing, certification, consulting and contracting options. In addition, themes raised in the exhibition area will be explored in greater detail at a GreenTec Conference, where international experts will discuss topical industry issues and innovative solutions. The organizers are also planning a "GreenTec Start-up Area." About HANNOVER MESSE (the Hannover Fair) The world's leading showcase for industrial technology is staged annually in Hannover, Germany. The next HANNOVER MESSE will be held from 23 to 27 April 2012, with China to be featured as its official Partner Country. Eight flagship fairs are taking place under the umbrella of HANNOVER MESSE 2012: Industrial Automation - Energy - MobiliTec - Digital Factory - Industrial Supply - CoilTechnica - IndustrialGreenTec - Research & Technology. In 2012 the spotlight will be on industrial automation, energy technology, industrial subcontracting and related services as well as R&D.  

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