Harmonization of Pump Schemas with ISO 15926

  • December 19, 2011
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December 19, 2011 — Fiatech has published "Harmonization of Pump Schemas with the ISO 15926 Reference Data Library." The report provides an exploratory analysis of the work required to harmonize three technical activities: ISO 15926 Reference Data Library (RDL), Automating Equipment Information Exchange (AEX) cfiXML, and the Hydraulic Institute (HI) standard for Electronic Data Exchange for Pumping Equipment (HI-EDE 50.7). Each of these activities endeavors to facilitate an efficient exchange of capital facility and engineering data in an electronic format. However, they approach and solve issues in different manners. The assessment and documentation efforts for the report were carried out by a Fiatech project team led by Dr. Trygve Dahl, vice-president, technology, and Dr. Scott Frees, senior systems developer, both of Intelliquip. Project team member Robin Benjamins, corporate engineering automation manager at Bechtel, said, "Tryg and Scott did an expert job at producing this report. I am very pleased with their assessment of the harmonization effort." Completing the harmonization of the three technical activities requires a mapping of the entire HI-EDE dataset into existing and new entity combinations within the ISO 15926 RDL. The mapping effort was recently endorsed by the Fiatech Board of Advisors as a newly funded project for 2012. The publication can be downloaded at www.automation.com/pdf_articles/aex_hi_report.pdf.

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