LXI Consortium Elects Officers for 2012

  • November 30, 2011
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November 30, 2011 - The LXI Consortium has elected its Board of Directors and officers for the fiscal year 2012, which begins this month. The three Strategic Member companies appointed their directors for next year, and the sixteen Participating Member companies elected two directors for the Board. The Directors for the LXI Consortium Board for FY2012 are:

  • Steve Schink, Agilent Technologies
  • Jochen Wolle, Rohde & Schwarz
  • Bob Stasonis, Pickering Interfaces
  • Tom Sarfi, VTI Instruments
  • John Ryland, Keithley Instruments

The Board then elected the following officers and committee chairs to serve in 2012:

  • President: Steve Schink, Agilent Technologies
  • Conformance Committee Chair: Jochen Wolle, Rohde & Schwarz
  • Technical Committee Chair: David Owens, Pickering Interfaces
  • Marketing Committee Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Persico, Agilent Technologies; Bob Stasonis, Pickering Interfaces
  • Executive Director: Bob Helsel, Bode Enterprises, LLC

"The LXI Standard has reached a point of stability in the global marketplace with over 1700 instruments and 53 T&M member companies. In 2012, we will continue adding LXI instrumentation and solidify our worldwide base in Europe and Asia as well as North America," said Steve Schink, President of the LXI Consortium. About LXI and the LXI Consortium The LXI Standard creates new capabilities that optimize test throughput, overall system performance, and cost efficiency in a way that allows engineers to build powerful, web-enabled test systems in less time. The LXI Consortium, a not-for-profit corporation comprised of leading test and measurement companies, manages the Standard. The group's goals are to develop, support, and promote the LXI Standard. LXI's flexible packaging, high-speed I/O, and standardized use of LAN connectivity address a broad range of commercial, industrial, aerospace, and military applications.

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