Marathon Technologies to supply EverRun software to HardwarePT

  • December 06, 2011
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December 6, 2011 - Marathon Technologies will supply EverRun software to HardwarePT . everRun is a fault tolerant, high availability and disaster recovery software suite that creates a highly resilient application environment for Windows products, from the network and storage devices to the server and application. The addition of everRun to its product range extends the scope of availability solutions HardwarePT provides and comes at a key time, as the adoption of virtualisation technology accelerates. The software helps synchronize, monitor, correct and repair problems in the application to prevent downtime. It provides a single, unified management platform instead of the conventional multiple-point model consisting of storage, application, server and network resources. “Using everRun is like having an industrial IT expert constantly on call,” explained Mike Lees, business manager at SolutionsPT. “It automatically monitors all of your components and synchronizes data between them. Furthermore, proactive failure alerts notify you when something may need attention, such as an increase in I/O errors on a storage device for example. “I believe that genuine availability is now becoming a real option in industry. We are beginning to dispel some of the myths that have sprung up, like the idea that a disaster recovery plan is an adequate option by itself, just because the recovery process is getting faster. However, the stakes are very high in the engineering sector. You aren’t just recovering the photos of your holidays or a few Word documents. A true availability strategy should focus on making sure that the disaster doesn’t happen in the first place. Prevention is much better than cure.” Leading automation software vendors, including Wonderware and Rockwell Automation, rely on everRun to create a resilient, always-on environment. everRun is completely hardware agnostic, running on most common platforms. It requires no scripting or application modifications to install and is fully automated, allowing IT staff to devote their time to adding value to the organisation. It is currently in use by over 3,000 companies globally. About SolutionsPT: HardwarePT provides industrial IT solutions to the manufacturing and infrastructure market, through ruggedized Ethernet switches to mission critical fault tolerant servers. Products and managed care services are tailored to match the availability demands of each application, taking into consideration the business and operational implications of any interruption to service. HardwarePT balances the implementation of mainstream IT technologies and trends with the extended service life and operational demands of their customer’s installations.  

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