Metso controls world’s fastest coating machine

  • September 20, 2011
  • Metso Automation
  • Case Study

September 20, 2011 - In Järvenpää, Finland, the restart of the Järvenpää Pilot Coater immediately reached a new world record speed of 3,160 m/min. The restart took place on September 1 after an automation upgrade. The new 35 group drive is controlled directly by Metso DNA automation system in which the drive controls are integrated with the machine control system. Tension controls are implemented with a new multivariable control, developed by Metso, to achieve more accurate tension management in dynamically changing coater conditions.    The pilot coater can run basis weights of 25 – 350 g/m2. Available coating technologies are OptiSizer film sizing, OptiCoat Duo double backing roll coating, OptiCoat Jet nozzle coating, OptiBlade short dwell coating, OptiLayer curtain coating and ValSpray spray sizing. One system, several benefits for customers Metso DNA offers pulp and paper makers a single system for all controls, from fiber line to baling information, and from headbox to winder enabling faster startups. It provides pulp and paper makers with measurements, analyzers and a complete selection of state-of-the-art advanced process controls. Having all controls for machine, process, quality and drives within the same system gives customers several benefits. In new machine installations, the Metso control system allows for quicker startups. One system enables pulp and paper mills to integrate all operations into one mill-wide or even corporate-wide entity, enabling easy access to information for comparing and combining process data. Operators only need to learn to use one system. Metso DNA customers also benefit from having a single source for global system support, updates and spare parts. Metso is a global supplier of sustainable technology and services for mining, construction, power generation, automation, recycling and the pulp and paper industries. We have about 29,000 employees in more than 50 countries. Metso’s automation professionals specialize in process industry flow control solutions, automation and information management systems and applications, and life cycle services. Main products include for example control valves, automation systems, quality control systems and measurement solutions.  

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