Modbus Joins the Wireless Cooperation Team

  • May 31, 2011
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May 31, 2011 — Modbus Organization has become the fourth member of the Wireless Cooperation Team (WCT). Modbus joined with Fieldbus Foundation, PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation., and the HART Communication Foundation, to work on the development of wireless gateway specifications based on WirelessHART and the emerging ISA SP 100.11a standard. In the course of the project the team is developing use cases, requirements and specifications for wireless communication with intelligent field devices in process measurement and control applications in the automation industry. The goal of the project is to design specifications as common as possible, while ensuring complete compatibility with the existing wired versions of each participant’s technology. As the newcomer to the WCT, the Modbus Organization’s initial work will be to map the Modbus protocol to WirelessHART to support the development of a specification for a gateway whose field side will accommodate WirelessHART field devices and whose output uses the Modbus protocol. About Modbus-Organization, Inc. Headquartered in Massachusetts, the Modbus Organization is an association of users and suppliers of automation devices. The organization works to support the Modbus protocol, provide information and tools for individuals and companies using Modbus. It maintains the authoritative website for Modbus information.  

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