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  • November 29, 2011
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November 29, 2011 – Paradox Engineering and Rete di Imprese STEP, the clustering that comprises Italian firms Tecnotel, Sortron and PZ, announced the pilot project ‘Solid Waste Integrated Network Gathering System’ (SWINGS) for the advanced monitoring of urban solid waste.

Backed by the entrepreneurial association CNA Industria Forlì-Cesena, the project consists in the implementation of an innovative electric-mechanical system on traditional dump bins in order to monitor the input of waste and therefore optimize its collection. Thanks to this solution, data regarding environmental services usage and the status of every bin located in the area can be tracked and collected. The technology can even be installed on existing bins, avoiding further investments. Within April 2012, about 900 bins in the province of Forlì-Cesena (Emilia-Romagna region, in the Center of Italy) will be automated, serving a basin of about 11.000 users. The system will be gradually offered to all interested local administrations, through the respective multi-utilities. SWINGS stems from an important multi-utility based in Emilia-Romagna, willing to increase efficiency of urban solid waste collection thanks to an accurate evaluation of the input of waste and service costs, as well as the creation of a statistical base concerning environmental services usage. Compared to door-to-door collection, SWINGS can originate significant savings, along with important benefits in terms of environmental impact reduction, making the separate collection of rubbish easier and improving service levels. The system is applicable to every type of dump bins, even the existing ones. The project was developed by Rete di Imprese STEP, a consortium made by the Italian companies Tecnotel, specialized in telecommunication systems, PZ, which deals with mechanical manufacturing, and SORTRON, which designs electronic systems for industrial applications. Paradox Engineering, Swiss company specialized in smart metering, smart grid, virtual network and wireless sensor network technologies, actively contributed to the project. “SWINGS aims at improving the collection of urban solid waste and, in a broader sense, increasing environmental and health protection. The constitution of Rete di Imprese allowed us to gather the necessary resources to develop the initial idea, leveraging the local industrial network competences enriched by our partner Paradox Engineering”, stated Giuliano Sartini, Rete di Imprese. “We wish the implementation of SWINGS could boost the local economy, originating positive spillovers on employment.” “SWINGS represents an excellent example of how it is possible to aggregate competences and resources to promote innovation and develop concrete projects. We invested a lot in this project and we offered our experience and technological solutions, designed and produced in Switzerland where we have our headquarters and laboratories,” explained Gianni Minetti, CEO, Paradox Engineering. “The system we are implementing has truly unique and innovative features, and it is prearranged to support smart metering, public lighting management, and other applications for Smart Cities. As an additional contribution to the collaboration with Rete di Imprese, it is our intention to promote SWINGS at international level, spreading the solution within the ensemble of partners and clients we usually work with at a global level.” “We have been supporting the SWINGS project from the very beginning, and it is a pleasure to learn that the pilot phase is now at start. This kind of announcements shows that also in Italy it is possible to kick-off interesting and innovative projects, despite the general mood of mistrust and pessimism. Certainly, far-sighted administrators and entrepreneurs caring about the valorization and growth of the local territory are essential,” added Maurizio Garavini, CNA Industria Forlì-Cesena. “No surprise that such an initiative obtained the interest of a foreign firm from Switzerland, which accepted the challenge to invest in Italy and share its know-how.” HOW SWINGS WORKS Solid Waste Integrated Network Gathering System (SWINGS) improves the collection and management of urban solid waste by implementing an ad hoc designed electric-mechanical system on dump bins. It consists of an intelligent unit for user authentication and access, and a wireless transmitter for data collection and dump bins remote management. Users are equipped with customized electronic keys to open the bin and put the rubbish in. Every bin can selectively manage users’ access and record the different inputs. Collected data is wireless delivered to rubbish trucks and then sent to a central station for consolidation and analysis. Energy supply is secured to every bin through a rechargeable battery and a photovoltaic panel. The solution integrates PE.AMI technology by Paradox Engineering, which allows the collection of access data and the monitoring of parameters like the status of the bin, the filling level, etc. By this system, the service provider obtains up-to-date information that, once elaborated, can back decisions concerning access authorizations (e.g.: enabling only people from a specific area for a specific bin), the introduction of personalized fees and the optimization of rubbish trucks rides. PE.AMI represents an integrated communication platform contributing to smart cities development thanks to its modularity and scalability features. The same technology on which SWINGS is based can be efficiently applied to the management of public lighting, transport and public parking, as well as the monitoring and remote control of any energy distribution network (water, gas, electricity) or other public service. About Rete di Imprese STEP is a network of firms which was formed to seize market opportunities by leveraging synergies among different organizations and competences. So far, it has led to the development of highly innovative electronic, telecommunication and mechatronic systems. Every member firm has a high level experience in their own industry, and shares it within the network to create and integrate innovative systems. About Paradox Engineering SA Paradox Engineering SA is a highly dynamic company that pioneers technologies to enable customers unlocking the value of their data. Industrial wireless sensor networks, smart metering, global virtual networks are key components of Paradox Engineering’s solution portfolio for any company implementing smart grid, energy management, condition and remote monitoring, industrial process monitoring, engineering and telemetry projects. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, Paradox Engineering acts as a ‘one stop shop’ provider of turn key solutions and technologies on a truly global scale through a consolidated network of strategic partners.  

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