Rotork supplies valves for storage tank expansion project

  • October 23, 2011
  • Rotork PLC
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October 23, 2011 - Rotork’s activities for an oil storage tank expansion project in Holland have encompassed the supply of intelligent electric actuators for isolating, modulating and failsafe valves, digital control systems, valve gearboxes, valve adaptation, workshop motorisation, on-site retrofitting and commissioning. Royal Vopak is the world’s largest independent provider of tank terminal capacity for the oil and chemical industries. An expansion project at the Vopak Oil Europoort Terminal has increased the total storage capacity by 160,000 cubic metres to approximately 3.5 million cubic metres, strengthening the company’s position as an independent bunker station in the Port of Rotterdam. Phase 8 of the project involved the construction of four new 40,000 cubic metre capacity fuel oil tanks, a pump pit with manifolds and an OCU (Odour Control Unit) which is the fourth to be installed on the site for environmental improvement. Rotork is the holder of a valve actuation framework agreement with Vopak and has previously supplied more than 1500 actuators, the majority with Pakscan two-wire digital control systems, on the existing Vopak site.

The bulk of the new valves, totalling 111 on-off installations, have been motorised with Rotork IQPro actuators. These are designed for robust reliability with enhanced functionality, featuring non-intrusive, intrinsically safe commissioning, data logging and predictive maintenance capabilities. Vopak Project Manager Cees Brijs comments: “We have been using Rotork actuators for a long time throughout the terminal and find them to be of good quality. In addition, if there is a problem, the response time from Rotork is very swift.” Swift response is assisted by the nearby presence of Rotork Holland’s offices and recently enlarged workshops. These have facilitated the supply of motorised valves for the project by enabling some of the valves to be free-issued to Rotork, fitted with actuators and tested in the workshop before delivery to site as completed packages. In addition, engineers from Rotork Site Services have been available to fit actuators to valves on the site when this has been seen to be the best solution, providing additional flexibility to suit the logistics of the contract. The new IQPro actuators are linked on two new Pakscan P3 master station networks for communication with the Rockwell PLC that controls the operation of the plant. The new master stations dovetail into the twelve existing Pakscan networks that are in service throughout the existing plant. Once again, the local availability of Rotork Site Services engineers has assisted the project through final commissioning of the new actuators and Pakscan networks. As well as the predominant area of supply involving IQPro actuators, some specialised areas of actuation duty have been fulfilled with other Rotork equipment and services. For example, Rotork Gears has supplied IS range spur gearboxes with stem extensions to enable double block and bleed valves to be conveniently operated from a nearby mezzanine walkway. Rotork Fluid Systems has supplied Skilmatic SI/EH range electro-hydraulic failsafe actuators for safety-related duties. These compact and robust actuators deliver a highly reliable means of valve management and positioning a valve to a safe condition, selectable for failsafe to open, failsafe to close or lock in position on power failure or emergency shutdown (ESD) signal. Problems identified with control valves installed in the boiler house that provides heating for the storage tanks gave Rotork Process Controls the opportunity to offer its CVA product, leading to the first substantial order from Vopak for this innovative control valve actuator. The CVA electric actuator provides extremely precise control valve operation with repeatability and resolution performance at less than 0.1% of full scale. In addition to the convenience of all electric control and operation, the CVA uses Rotork’s non-intrusive communication technology for swift and user-friendly actuator set-up, auto calibration and adjustment. Further benefits include comprehensive performance data-logging, a double-sealed explosionproof and IP68 watertight enclosure for environmental protection and programmable fail-to-position options using integral super-capacitors. Four CVL1500 linear actuators have been ordered for retrofitting to the control valves by engineers from Rotork Site Services. Rotork’s responsibilities included the design and fabrication of new adaptation between the CVAs and valves, which has been performed by Rotork Valvekits.  

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