Schaeffler releases TempCheck PRO IR temperature sensor

  • May 23, 2011
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May 23, 2011 - Schaeffler (UK) launched TempCheck PRO non-contact (infrared) temperature measurement device that measures the surface temperature of components in a wide variety of applications. TempCheck PRO is a handheld infrared temperature measurement device that offers engineers a genuine, low cost alternative to thermal imaging cameras. The device requires little training as the user simply aims the device at the target object and presses a button. The temperature is then displayed on a coloured LCD display. Infrared thermometers are easy to handle; they work in a non-intrusive manner but deliver precise measurement results within seconds; users can carry out safe inspections on hot components or objects in hazardous areas; sources of problems can be located without removing or exchanging parts; and valuable time and money can be saved by detecting weak points before they become a real production problem. The TempCheck PRO can be used in a number of applications, including the preventive maintenance of rotating machinery and components, and for locating ‘hotspots’ on bearings, gearboxes, motors, valves, HVAC systems, electrical connectors, fuses, electrical wiring and control cabinets. The device is supplied as standard with a surface sensor for situations where contact measurement is the preferred method, and an immersion sensor for measuring the temperature of fluids, making it ideal for use in chemicals, pharmaceuticals or food processing applications. An integrated data logger can store up to 20 recorded values. Emissivity and temperature measurement The emissivity of an object depends on the material, the type of surface, the temperature, wavelength and sometimes on the measuring arrangement. While an ideal emitter can emit all the radiation it receives and is known as a ‘black body’, this does not exist in nature and bodies emit radiation to varying extents at the same temperature. The emissivity defines the ratio between the radiation emitted from the measured object and that emitted by a black body and is therefore a value between one and zero. Infrared sensors receive the radiation emitted from the object surface, but may also receive reflected radiation from the surroundings and in some cases, radiation from other sources transmitted through the measuring object. When selecting an infrared measurement sensor, it is therefore crucial that the wavelength band over which it measures is known and that the correct wavelength band is used for the object to be measured. Many objects consisting of non-metallic materials show a high and relatively constant emissivity, irrespective of their surface consistency, at least in the long-wave spectral range, typically 8-14µm. High resolution, small spot size TempCheck PRO offers a very wide temperature measurement range and is able to measure surface temperatures from -32 deg C to +760 deg C. The optical resolution of the unit is 40:1, which provides an accuracy of ±1% (or ±1 deg C between 0 deg C and 760 deg C). This high resolution, combined with the unit’s consistently small infrared measuring spot size of 13mm up to a distance of 260mm, minimises measurement errors and ensures that the device is capable of accurately measuring smaller targets (down to 13mm) that are further away. TempCheck PRO’s 300ms response time also allows the user to ‘sweep’ the unit around a room or control cabinet looking for ‘hotspots’. The user can even programme the device to compensate for the emissivity of different target materials. TempCheck PRO comes with acoustic and visual HIGH/LOW alarm functions and a USB interface. The integrated reporting software enables the user to set parameters and record temperatures. The unit is also supplied with an adapter for a photographic tripod and a protective pouch and storage case. The TempCheck PRO also benefits from a slimline, ergonomic design and is no larger or heavier than a standard TV remote control device, fitting neatly into an engineer’s pocket. The FAG TempCheck PRO is the latest device in Schaeffler’s TempCheck family of contact and non-contact temperature measurement products. This range includes the FAG TempCheck PLUS, which is similar to the FAG TempCheck PRO, but is a lower cost version that offers a reduced temperature measurement range (-32 deg C to +530 deg C) and a reduced optical resolution of 20:1.  

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