Software Toolbox TOP Server 5.7 Achieves OPC Certification

  • December 19, 2011
  • Software Toolbox Inc.
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December 19, 2011 - Software Toolbox announced that TOP Server Version 5.7 passed the OPC Server Certification tests administered by the OPC Foundation’s Independent Certification Test Lab for OPC Data Access (DA) 2.05a, OPC Data Access (DA) 3.0 and OPC Unified Architecture (UA) Standard specifications.   The Independent Certification Test Lab puts OPC products through a set of rigorous, defined tests required by the OPC Certification Test Specifications over a period of a full week of testing. The tests are designed to determine if an OPC server product follows the best practices for the use of OPC and will interoperate well with other products. Tests include clearly defined interoperability assessments against reference Compliance Test Tool (CTT) OPC Client applications. Certification also involves extended run testing to look for memory leaks or instability, including during periods of network disruption. The independent lab even intercepts the OPC calls made between a client and a server and injects common and many not so common errors into the calls to ensure that the OPC server handles abnormal conditions in an orderly manner. The independent nature of these tests represents the highest level of rigor in OPC Compliance Testing.   “Software Toolbox continues to be active in all OPC Interoperability Workshops with the goal of delivering the highest quality products possible to our clients,” said Kevin Rutherford, brand manager for TOP Server. “Participating in the OPC Independent Certification Test Lab program is evidence to our clients of our dedication to OPC and to the process of delivering quality products certified to work with other OPC-compliant solutions throughout an enterprise.”   TOP Server, which is powered by Software Toolbox’s development partner Kepware, is an OPC and native HMI device connectivity software solution offering more than 125 different device drivers for the widest single application process connectivity in the industry. With releases three times annually, TOP Server provides the latest in vendor-specific compatibility for communications as well as the latest operating system support, including Windows 7 32- and 64-bit and Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit.   TOP Server 5.7 is available as a free trial for download. ABOUT SOFTWARE TOOLBOX Since 1996, Software Toolbox has been an industry source for industrial automation software, from project conception to completion. The company has served more than 10,000 clients in 110 countries helping them find, evaluate, purchase and support automation software solutions. These solutions include OPC servers, clients, development toolkits, HMI/SCADA add-ins/enhancements, and ActiveX and .NET development tools for Visual Studio C#/VB/C++. Software Toolbox works with its clients in all phases of projects to help them find and determine the right tools to use and to support overall project objectives and maximize their industrial software results.  

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