ExperTune introduces Virtual Classroom for PID Training

  • April 18, 2012
  • ExperTune Inc
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April 18, 2012 - ExperTune announced on-line training for a wide variety of topics related to the control of PID loops. The interactive training is provided by a live instructor, and includes hands-on practice using ExperTune’s “Virtual Classroom”. Controls technicians and engineers can benefit from the courses. Course topics include:

  • Loop Tuning – Basic PID Theory and Practice
  • Dealing with Valve Problems – Hysteresis and Stiction
  • Advanced Loop Tuning – Cascade Control
  • Many Other classes specific to ExperTune’s PlantTriage software

Students log in via the internet to the ExperTune Virtual Classroom. There, they have access to course materials, a dedicated simulator, and all the software needed. A live instructor guides students through the materials and ensures that they successfully complete the hands-on exercises. No special software is needed on student computers. “Your travel costs are zero.” says John Gerry, President and Founder of ExperTune. “You can’t beat the convenience, and ExperTune’s world-class instructors have the depth of knowledge to answer all your process control questions.” Custom training courses are also offered. Gerry adds “Online training is the way of the future. Our clients are already asking for more topics. With the Virtual Classroom, you can get the training you need, in the fastest, most convenient way possible.” About ExperTune For 25 years, ExperTune has created award-winning optimization software now running in thousands of plants world-wide. ExperTune’s PID Loop Optimizer is the industry-leading control loop tuning software, having won dozens of awards over its history. PlantTriage Control Performance Monitor software oversees the optimization of an entire plant, including equipment, operations, and controls. The PlantTriage suite of optimization tools are designed to increase the efficiency of processes. The tools include swing or oscillation detection and elimination, interaction analysis, modeling, robustness, linearization, valve wear analysis, pH linearization, time series analysis, MPC performance improvement, 6-sigma, frequency response, and PID tuning tools. ExperTune is a member of the OPC Foundation. PlantTriage also seamlessly integrates with the ProcessApex Unit Operations Evaluator.  

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