Toshiba Surveillance Protects Oregon Recycling Facility

  • January 22, 2012
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January 22, 2012 - R.S. Davis Recycling has been processing scrap metal in the Portland, OR area since the mid 1960s when its founder, Richard Davis began hauling recyclables throughout Oregon and Washington. Today, its busy headquarters in Clackamas, OR, services the metal recycling needs of the Portland area, as well as those of western Oregon and Washington, while a second location in Hermiston, OR services eastern Oregon and Washington. A third location in Gresham, OR provides metal recycling services and sells auto parts. R.S. Davis recently constructed a new facility at its Clackamas headquarters where it installed a Toshiba IP video system to provide premise security and to monitor truck traffic. Construction began on the 15,000-square-foot facility in March 2011. The new building contains two floors of administrative offices on one half, whereas the other side is a single floor of warehouse-style space used by employees for sorting different types of recycled metals. On the outside of the new building and at an existing small remote building are two scaling areas for weighing trucks hauling metals. The trucks drive onto the scales before and after unloading their haul to determine the weight of the metals, and therefore the dollar value. Other on-site equipment includes an overhead magnetic crane to carry heavy metal parts, a shear/baler to bale metal, and a hydraulic impact crusher to compact cars into small packages. Prior to groundbreaking, R.S. Davis management consulted with its telecommunications provider and Toshiba Telephone Systems Division dealer Reliance Connects and its sister company Day Wireless of Portland to discuss options in video surveillance. "R.S. Davis needed technology to remotely view video of the trucks and money transactions," explained Chuck Meservy, Telecommunications Account Manager for Reliance Connects. "They also wanted the cameras to act as a deterrent to theft." An analog CCTV system represented the lowest cost solution for R.S. Davis, yet couldn't give the company remote video access capabilities. In fact, the original R.S. Davis building in Clackamas had an analog system installed that had had proven to have serious limitations. Yet another option for R.S. Davis was a very high-priced IP camera system from a well-known manufacturer, but it didn't offer the value when compared to the cost. Both the low-end and high-end options were rejected. Instead, Reliance recommended the middle ground: an IP network video system from Toshiba that would make use of new CAT5e cabling from Reliance. All the network and voice cabling for the new facility was installed by Reliance along with a new Toshiba telephone system deployed for the facility's administration and operations. To start, a 32-channel Toshiba NVS recorder with 8TB of storage and a directly connected 19" LCD monitor were networked to a conference room PC running Toshiba SCS software using a projection monitor. Management will also be taking advantage of Toshiba's remote monitoring capability on laptops, tablets and smartphones. A total of 32 Toshiba IP cameras were installed for the application. On the inside of the new building seven Toshiba IK-WD12A two-megapixel mini-domes monitor the transaction area, hallways and entrance ways, while four Toshiba IK-WB21A PTZ cameras keep watch of priority locations within the inside processing transaction area and for the exterior processing and sorting operations. The IK-WB21A features a 22x optical zoom lens, powerful enough to capture all transaction details. More challenging was the mounting of cameras at the remote scale building. R.S. Davis asked that five cameras be installed on and around the scale office building 600-cabling feet away from the main facility. However, CAT5e cable has a maximum transmission distance of 280 feet, so this wasn't an option, even with a repeater, to connect back to the Toshiba NVS. Instead, Reliance ran multimode fiber optic cable terminated with a PoE equipped 24-port fiber switch on both ends to convert fiber to Ethernet. The 850nm multimode fiber that Reliance installed has a maximum transmission distance of up to two miles without relying upon a repeater. Problem solved. "In addition to the fiber cabling, we mounted power bricks to provide separate electricity to the outdoor cameras' heater/blower enclosures," said Meservy. "The cameras are powered using the built-in PoE which was a real time saver." Twenty-one Toshiba IK-WB30A 2MP cameras were strategically placed throughout the property with a heavy concentration focusing on the scale operations. Several cameras keep an eye on truck traffic at the remote scale building while others are positioned around the perimeter of the main building. Another camera is mounted on top of the hydraulic shear cab. All the outdoor cameras are housed inside Toshiba JK-ACH13HBN environmental housings. The thermostatically controlled heater/blower protects the IK-WB30A from Portland's cold, rainy weather, which averages 40 inches of rainfall per year - great for gardeners but terrible for sensitive IP cameras. "After coming in well under budget, the system is now up and running flawlessly," reports Meservy. ABOUT TOSHIBA AMERICA INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., TAIS is comprised of four business units: Digital Products Division, Imaging Systems Division, Storage Device Division, and Telecommunication Systems Division. Together, these divisions provide mobile products and solutions, including industry leading portable computers; projectors; imaging products for the security, medical and manufacturing markets; storage products for automotive, computer and consumer electronics applications; and telephony equipment and associated applications. TAIS provides sales, marketing and services for its wide range of information products in the United States and Latin America. TAIS is an independent operating company owned by Toshiba America, Inc., a subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, which is a global leader in high technology and integrated manufacturing of electrical and electronic components, products and systems, as well as major infrastructure systems. Toshiba has more than 172,000 employees worldwide and annual sales of over US $54 billion (FY2005).

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