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  • October 30, 2012
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October 30, 2012 - Abhisam Software announces its Fieldbus e-learning course. Fieldbus is a modern automation architecture that is increasingly being adopted in a broad spectrum of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, mining, metals processing, pulp and paper and power generation. 
The adoption of Fieldbus technology has been accelerating recently. User industries are now realizing the benefits of adopting Fieldbus technology in their plants to have better control over their processes, achieve higher productivity and increase safety and profitability. 
Until now, there have been very few resources available to educate people in understanding and using Fieldbus technology. Classroom courses are rare, and sending people to far away locations is no longer cost effective in today's austere corporate environment.
Abhisam has introduced this new Fieldbus e-learning program to reduce travel costs for businesses while maintaining quality training. This e-learning program can be completed anywhere in the world, offering participants total flexibility. The program is self-paced, allowing participants to complete it as quickly or slowly as they wish.
The Fieldbus e-learning course is available for delivery either online in a cloud-based option or as a download. The program is sophisticated and interactive, making substantial use of multimedia elements, such as Flash animations, simulations and videos, to promote understanding.
The course incorporates a blend of text, interactive animations, videos and simulations using real-life examples from industry to give the course a practical edge. The course consists of five modules. Starting from Basic Concepts (that covers topics such as Analog and Digital Signals, Control System architectures, various Fieldbus protocols and the OSI Models), it goes on to cover FOUNDATION Fieldbus in great detail. It also covers other popular industry Fieldbus systems, such as HART, Profibus PA and ASi. It then covers the use of Fieldbus technology in hazardous areas. The final module is a Case Study of a Fieldbus project that enables the learner to apply the knowledge gained within a practical application.
The Abhisam Fieldbus e-learning course is available in several different formats. The Standard and Professional downloadable versions are for Windows users. Mac users can choose to opt for the online version. Corporations and large institutions who wish to train a large number of their people will find the Cloud version best suited to their needs. A SCORM compatible version is also available that can be easily integrated into standard Learning Management Systems.
After completion of the course, an optional certification test can be taken by the learner. Upon passing, Abhisam Software will issue a printable certificate of competency in Fieldbus to the learner, who can then use it to demonstrate their skill set to their present or prospective employers and clients. There is no additional charge for the examination or certification.
Abhisam Software states that the early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with learners particularly enjoying the benefits of e-learning as opposed to a formal classroom environment.
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