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  • October 16, 2012
  • Canary Labs Inc.
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October 16, 2012 - Canary Labs delivered Enterprise Historian and TrendLink solutions to NASA for use at the Kennedy Space Center. The Kennedy Complex Control Systems (KCCS) include two systems that control the entire electric distribution system including the Vertical Assembly Building, the fourth largest building by volume in the world and launch pads 39A and 39B which were used to launch the Space Shuttle. The electric distribution system provides power for the entire electric power system and all Kennedy Space Center buildings, covering more than 219 square miles.

The Canary Enterprise Historian and TrendLink applications transparently collect and log data for approximately 150,000 real-time data points from power quality meters, protection relays and PLCs throughout the complex, working in sync with the power distribution networks SCADA system. In the past, archiving this data into one system for long periods of time while making the data accessible to system users was a challenge for NASA.

“The Canary Labs team is very excited to work with NASA at the Kennedy Space Center,” said Ed Stern, vice president. “Our solutions address a problem that NASA has had for years. Using the Canary Labs solutions, NASA’s users are able to access long-term data archives from one system, quickly and easily. In addition, our cost-effective solutions will provide access to the historical data to users that do not have direct access to the KCCS, achieving lower operational costs and faster time to value.”

About Canary Labs Canary Labs provides enterprise historian and trending solutions that simplify and optimize data analysis driving more informed, confident decisions. Leading companies worldwide rely on Canary Labs open, flexible and high performance software to improve process metrics and increase the agility, efficiency and reliability of data access. With a reputation for stellar service and support and minimal cost of ownership, Canary Labs ensures customer success to a client base with over 14,000 installations in 26 countries.

Canary Labs, headquartered in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to the development of high performance historian and trending software and solutions.  

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