Datalogic celebrates 40th Anniversary

  • October 16, 2012
  • Datalogic, Inc.
  • News

October 16, 2012 – Datalogic is celebrating 40 years of bringing quality solutions and products to customers in multiple vertical sectors. Datalogic outlines new vision for the future based on its rich heritage of long term success, growth and service with ongoing commitment to innovation and high standards.   Since its early days, Datalogic grew rapidly and in just a few years was already a presence in the international market with subsidiaries across Europe. Then, with its sights set on the latest frontier of bar code technology the company soon became the European leader in industrial applications. Today, Datalogic operates across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific, with a direct presence in 30 nations around the world and selling to more than 100 countries.   Furthermore, the group’s significant growth pattern has been achieved through the consolidation of existing markets, expansion in emerging ones, efficiency, product innovation and research and development. Indeed, Datalogic made R&D investments of over 26 million Euro in 2011 alone.  

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