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  • July 10, 2012
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July 10, 2012– Paradox Engineering enters the fast-growing Russian market by establishing a partnership with Insensys, an engineering company specialized in engineering services for process automation based on wireless technologies. Headquartered in Zelenograd, Russia, Insensys will distribute Paradox Engineering’s PE.WSNi and PE.AMI solutions for industrial data acquisition, collection, transportation, storage and delivery.

By combining respective capabilities and solid expertise, Paradox Engineering and Insensys will be able to offer end-to-end wireless sensor network solutions to Russian companies, seizing the opportunity of the booming industrial automation and energy markets. Russia is currently the 9th largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and the 6th largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). The country is facing steady growth in most industries, with particularly interesting rates in automotive, oil & gas and transports, which are fuelling national demand for factory automation and condition monitoring technologies.
“Entering the Russian market represents an important step for Paradox Engineering. After consolidating our presence in Europe, Far East, United Arab Emirates and North America, we’re investing to better serve current and potential customers in Russia and the entire CIS region”, stated Gianni Minetti, President and CEO, Paradox Engineering SA. “Insensys is a strategic partner to promote innovative wireless solutions for the specific needs of Russian companies operating in engineering, industrial automation, power generation and energy distribution. Our PE.WSNi and PE.AMI platforms together with Insensys’ unparalleled engineering services will enable Russian customers to implement full-mesh IPv6 ultra-low power wireless sensor networks for any remote and condition monitoring, telemetry and smart grid project.”
“We are offering the Russian market a compelling set of engineering services for process automation based on wireless technologies. By partnering with Paradox Engineering, we aim at expanding our business and support our customers in effectively managing their data-intensive operations,” added Alexey Yashak, General Manager, Insensys. “Paradox Engineering and Insensys share a common vision about the future developments of wireless standards and how they can provide value to industrial organizations. Russian companies will take advantage of our partnership.”
Insensys will distribute Paradox Engineering’s PE.WSNi and PE.AMI solutions in Russia and CIS region. Based on IPv6 protocol, these platforms allow customers to unlock the value of information lying in engines, process systems, devices, instruments, meters and infrastructures, thanks to the transformation of any of these objects into talking motes through the advent of the Internet of Things.
PE.WSNi and PE.AMI bridge data generation and data analysis offering innovative technologies to collect, transport, store and deliver data anytime and anywhere. PE.WSNi is the first IPv6 modular cost effective wireless mesh sensor network platform for industrial data acquisition. It represents the most valid alternative for condition and remote monitoring when conventional wired infrastructures are too complex or too expensive to implement, as often experienced in industrial plants, energy and oil & gas installations. PE.WSNi guarantees flexibility of design, reduced costs, better power management, ease of maintenance and easy deployment, enabling continuous and predictive asset monitoring.
PE.AMI stands as the ideal architecture for full-mesh IPv6 ultra-low power wireless sensor networks for smart grid and smart city projects. Developed for the specific needs of utilities and multi-utilities, it provides a unified communication platform to manage advanced information from any type of meter (water, gas, electricity) and has a full range of applications from AMR and remote control of distribution networks, to street lighting, solid waste, traffic, public transportation and parking management.
PE.WSNi and PE.AMI are the first solutions on the market based on IETF open standards (6lowPAN) on sub-GHz ISM band for higher penetration and noise immunity. Both feature ultra low power technology and represent a fault tolerant, self organizing, self healing and adaptive solutions. They stand the harshest conditions (IP67/68 and ATEX certified) and can be quickly and easily interfaced with any type of existing sensor, meter or infrastructure.
PE.WSNi and PE.AMI will be complemented by Insensys’ wide portfolio of value-added engineering services, including design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of wireless infrastructures for industrial data collection and process automation (instrumentation and control systems). Thanks to highly skilled staff, Insensys is able to successfully complete any kind of complex engineering and management task, streamlining the design phase and reducing capital costs thanks to the use of rational design solutions and advanced materials. Insensys also supports customers in minimizing time spending throughout the different implementation steps, always ensuring high quality and minimum risks.
About Paradox Engineering SA
Paradox Engineering is a highly dynamic company that pioneers technologies to enable customers unlocking the value of their data. Industrial wireless sensor networks, smart metering, global virtual networks are key components of Paradox Engineering’s solution portfolio for any company implementing smart grid, energy management, condition and remote monitoring, industrial process monitoring, engineering and telemetry projects. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, Paradox Engineering acts as a ‘one stop shop’ provider of turnkey solutions and technologies on a truly global scale through a consolidated network of strategic partners.
About Insensys
Insensys is a dynamic engineering company specialized in engineering services for process automation (instrumentation and control systems) based on wireless technologies. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Zelenograd, Russia. Insensys services include the design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of wireless systems for data collection and engineering processing. Strict adherence to the principles of exact performance of contractual obligations, commitment to the final result, mutual trust and transparency towards customers, partners and contractors are key values for Insensys, which can successfully manage any kind of complex project.
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