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  • March 26, 2013
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March 26, 2013 - Murrietta Circuits is a high reliability, turnkey supplier of Electronic Manufacturing Services. Founded in 1980, the company specializes in designing, fabricating, assembling and testing circuit boards. Murrietta works with today's most challenging technologies and applications, including Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Commercial and others. Murrietta has been using Aegis CircuitCAM and CheckPoint since 2005. Murrietta’s increasing involvement with aerospace and defense customers has led to very high demand for thorough traceability of parts, materials, tools, assemblies and processes. Recognizing that this would soon take them well beyond the capabilities of their existing paper-based traveller system, Murrietta turned to Aegis Software for a far better, more flexible and robust solution. They purchased a full suite of products including Aegis’ iMonitor for realtime dashboards to show full-factory performance, iMaterials System for setup validation and traceability, iTrac for Route Control and WIP Tracking, iQ for automating quality data collection and repair, and iView for Interactive Paperless Documentation. These were installed for use throughout Murrietta’s manufacturing area comprising three lines, with provision for xLink machine data collection adapters for Yestech AOI inspection equipment and MYDATA production machines. After purchase, the Aegis products were progressively rolled out onto the production floor to minimise disruption to Murrietta’s complex and always-changing manufacturing process. Process stations with handheld scanners were installed, and paperless travellers were issued for a small percentage of the work in progress; this has now become a nearly 100% paperless traveller operation. Aegis’ highly granular control allows each piece to have its own traveller and record of build, and changes in engineering or production can be accommodated as they occur daily. Overall, contract manufacturing is a highly volatile market, with products often subjected to changes and updates throughout the build cycle. This challenges all involved, from front end managers to buyers, engineers, supervisors and technicians. Murrietta found that within this pressurized environment, Aegis products continue to provide the tools and performance they need. “Aegis is a highly sophisticated, powerful manufacturing software suite that covers an immense variety of tasks with relative ease” commented Mark Hammond, Planner/Manufacturing Engineer at Murrietta. “I am challenged every day with our array of customers, and unceasing support requests from Production. Moving to a paperless system was easily the biggest change we have made recently, yet it has been the solution we hoped for. Aegis has proven itself adept in meeting our customers’ needs while eliminating all our paperwork issues.” Since its original purchase of CircuitCAM and CheckPoint in 2005, Murrietta has continually supported its expanding set of Aegis products and upgrades. This has involved extensive effort in training, set up and use of the system to fully realise all its possibilities. They have relied on Aegis Customer Support throughout the set up process and have found their help to be thorough, persisting until all problems have been resolved. Help with training and in answering follow-up questions has been equally as good, even when they arise months after the course they originally related to. Murrietta also sees opportunities to benefit further from their Aegis software installation.  These extend to longer-term process improvement as well as realtime reporting and control. “With Aegis, our paper system problems have become history. Looking ahead, I see many benefits still for us to reap here” Mark Hammond explains, “As higher level users are trained, and more opportunity for production measurement and quality analyses come in to play, real solutions and improvements can be made that will affect efficiency and quality performance.” About Aegis Founded in 1997, Aegis Software is headquartered in a state-of-the-art development and training facility in Philadelphia PA. Aegis has international sales and support offices in Germany, UK, China, Singapore, and Japan, and is partnered with 36 manufacturing equipment suppliers. With a global customer base of over 1200 factories across the electronics, medical, automotive, military and aerospace industries, Aegis delivers a unique level of capability, value, and time-to-value for its manufacturing customers.

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