Apple Rubber publishes Seal Design Guide

  • January 29, 2013
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January 29, 2013 - Apple Rubber Products published an updated Seal Design Guide, complete with newly added Inspection Specifications. The new Inspection Specifications addition to the Seal Design Guide includes information on what to look for in O-ring and seal inspection. Some of these specifications include Foreign Material/Inclusions, noting contamination or indentations; Off-Register misalignment and Mismatch of cross sections; Backrind, or tearing at the mold parting line; Mold Deposit; and more. Each section within the Troubleshooting and Inspection Specifications chapter include digital references in PDF format for simple overviews and helpful charts. Along with the newly added Inspection Specifications, this 12-part Guide consists of valuable information such as Rules of Thumb, O-Ring Basics, Seal Types, Material Selection, Special Elastomer Applications, and more. The original Apple Rubber Seal Design Guide was published in 1989, with thousands of copies distributed. The new version of the Guide can be used as a design guide, a reference, a handbook, a manual, a research tool, and a catalog. To view the Seal Design Guide in its entirety, visit

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