Edmonds Community College predicts energy use

  • January 15, 2013
  • Case Study

January 15, 2013 –GridNavigator and ATS Automation use an energy forecasting service to deliver additional energy efficiency and demand reduction across the more than twenty facilities on the 50-acre campus of Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, Washington. The service accurately forecasts intraday energy demand to further optimize existing building management systems without significant additional capital outlays. The long-term partnership between the three organizations, which began in 2009, continues to generate value for the college as new energy innovations come to market. The new GridNavigator energy forecasting service provides ESCOs and building engineers with accurate predictions of energy demand based on advanced quantitative analysis models originally developed for the financial services industry. The real-time insight allows smarter building management through the proactive, remote adjustment of multiple energy endpoints, such as boilers and lighting. Engineers are now able to optimize BACnet building management systems (BMS) based on intraday usage patterns to avoid expensive peak energy rates and to respond to building occupant behaviors to reduce energy demand. “Our customers look to us for ways to save money and reduce energy usage while minimizing capital expenses,” said Pete Segall, Energy Services Manager, ATS Automation. “GridNavigator’s energy forecasting service allows us to predict energy and demand spikes and launch automated reduction strategies before the demand event occurs.” According to Pike Research, the market for smart building management systems (SBMS), which includes data acquisition and analytics, as well as building maintenance contracts, is growing rapidly and is expected to reach more than $1 billion worldwide by 2020. The broader energy management systems (EMS) market is predicted by Pike to reach annual revenues of $6.8 billion in the U.S. by 2020. Combined, these growth trends reinforce the strong market opportunity for ESCOs that use GridNavigator’s energy forecasting services and predictive optimization to deliver more innovative solutions to existing and new customers. ATS Automation Extends Building Optimization with GridNavigator Solutions The most recent energy management solution designed by ATS Automation for Edmonds Community College leverages GridNavigator innovations. A GridNavigator BACnetXchange server, installed at the customer facility, gathers energy data in real-time from an Alerton BMS and delivers it to the GridNavigator cloud-based energy forecasting service for analysis. Building optimization routines are then delivered securely from the GridNavigator cloud-based service directly to the Alerton BMS every hour. This new solution improves upon existing systems that rely upon historical building data. “Energy forecasting allowed us to achieve an additional 3-5 percent energy savings and 7-10 percent demand reduction,” said Kevin McKay, Vice President of Finance & Operations, Edmonds Community College. “This innovation in energy management helps manage our resources even more effectively.” The GridNavigator BACnetXchange server seamlessly integrates with existing building management systems and communicates with energy endpoints using multiple industry-standard protocols. BACnetXchange is a combination of a sophisticated technology stack combined with communication drivers for a variety of vendors including Alerton, Honeywell, Johnson Controls and Siemens. The cloud-based algorithmic data engine provides energy and demand usage forecast with 97.5 percent accuracy. “ATS Automation has become a center of excellence in the Pacific Northwest,” said Al Cabrini, CEO, GridNavigator. “Our partnership with ATS Automation will enable high-rise buildings and campuses to save energy and cap their demand charge in ways that were not possible before.” About ATS ATS Automation Inc., established in 1986, is an Energy Management Control System and Facilities Systems Contractor. Our custom engineered and installed Building Automation Systems optimize control schemes for buildings’ mechanical and electrical systems, allowing owners to reduce their energy consumption and maximize the effects of facilities management personnel. We provide safer, more comfortable and more efficient building environments. About GridNavigator GridNavigator is a leading provider of intelligent energy management systems (EMS) for commercial & industrial applications. It offers the industry’s first intraday energy forecasting service. The company’s solutions are based on the open standard protocols and integrate with the majority of building management systems (BMS) to manage a variety of energy endpoints. The company was founded in 2009 and has customers in the education, government, property management and healthcare sectors.

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