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  • May 21, 2013
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May 21, 2013 – Paradox Engineering installed a smart lighting management platform in Paris, the City of Light, with the project named “Voie sur Berges”, along the River Seine, one of the most prestigious and high visibility areas in the world and among the preferred City landmarks for most Parisiens. The project supports the management and control of the luminaires in the area thanks to Paradox Engineering’s PE.AMI, the Company’s open standard multipurpose platform supporting future proof lighting management and multiple other Smart City applications. Since mid-2011, EVESA – a consortium company – is working to increase the energy efficiency of street lighting and traffic lights in Paris, with a commitment to reduce energy consumption by 30% in 10 years by acting over some 180’000 street lights and 140’000 traffic lights in the City. Fully hardware (and hence luminaire) agnostic, PE.AMI has allowed the City of Paris to upgrade and deploy the luminaires of their preference for this project, with no dependency or constraint imposed by the control platform. “After the successful delivery and implementation of our Smart City project in San Francisco, California, we are glad that one more careful and sharp selection process such as the one carried out by EVESA has identified Paradox Engineering as the ideal partner offering a truly future proof and fully interoperable lighting control and multi-application platform” said Gianni Minetti, CEO, Paradox Engineering. Paradox Engineering’s experience in similar projects, such as the one in San Francisco, has helped a project design ensuring a technologically durable choice for EVESA, supporting their and the City’s objectives. What Paradox Engineering has realized in San Francisco and in Paris, whose Mayors Mr. Lee and Mr. Delanoe recently signed a MoU sharing the will to become world leaders in building and creating Smart Cities, confirms the innovative spirit of EVESA’s initiative and how it attracts and welcomes problem solving and forward looking technologies. PE.AMI is a natively multipurpose IPv6/6LoWPAN management and control platform, ready for the Internet of Things, specifically conceived and designed to support multiple Smart City applications such as lighting management, advanced meter reading, traffic signal management, solid waste management and many more, to be deployed at once or in the time so to support Cities’ needs today and in the future. Based on open standard, it grants full independence of any proprietary protocol and technology, therefore ensuring a future proof choice to Cities and no kind of lock in - as further supported by the OEM strategy recently launched by Paradox Engineering with its PE.STONE offering, allowing any companies to build on the basis of Paradox Engineering’s open standard core network technologies. The Voie sur Berges project defines one of the phases of EVESA’s strategy to honor the contract with the City, which includes different deployment steps articulating different technology needs, along for instance with existing infrastructures to be preserved versus new ones to be deployed. While the technological choice for the lighting management application in the Voie sur Berges area has been defined and made and has led to Paradox Engineering’s PE.AMI after a small pilot in November 2012, Paradox Engineering is working with EVESA to identify the best fit design to apply PE.AMI to other areas and application needs, also on the basis of existing infrastructures. PE.AMI in fact represents a chosen technology to address the upcoming deployments of the same application in other areas of the city once they will be approached. For example, the Voie sur Berges project is technologically and architecturally strongly linked to a second project Paradox Engineering is deploying in Paris where its PE.AMI integrated control and monitoring network will be piloted as for electric load management, light management and traffic signal management, in an area crossing the city from south to north. For the Voie sur Berges project EVESA has replaced existing luminaires with COMATELEC new LED ones which Paradox Engineering is controlling with its IPv6/6LoWPAN bidirectional PE.AMI solution, performing in full security functions such as status monitoring, temperature control, on/off and dimming on the basis of the embedded astronomical clock, external inputs and specific conditions. Hence each luminaire – and indeed any device controlled by PE.AMI - becomes a network object to be managed individually or in groups along with customized aggregation rules. As it is fully agnostic to any field device, PE.AMI supports new LED lamps as well as traditional existing HPS/HID ones, along with its objective of preserving Cities’ investments and ROI besides supporting future proof deployments. Besides its solid proven and unique competences  telecommunication system design, network design and management, ultra-low power design and data collection, Paradox Engineering is factoring in the projects in Paris the experiences capitalized through other deployments in Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia and China, on top of the one in San Francisco. Additionally, the relative geographical, linguistic and cultural proximity further helps a smooth and effective interaction. The collaborations with global players such as Philips Lighting, Oracle, Streetlight.Vision and Luminaid, and others soon to be announced with internationally acknowledged and prestigious research institutes, further show the technological excellence of Paradox Engineering’s forward looking PE.AMI, which Paradox Engineering will also be showcasing upon an invitation by the Agence Régionale de Développement Paris-Region at the upcoming event “How R&D Improves Sustainability and Quality of Life in Smart Cities” next June 13-14 in Paris. About Paradox Engineering SA Paradox Engineering SA is a highly dynamic company that pioneers technologies to enable customers unlocking the value of their data through urban and industrial network solutions and global virtual networks for any company implementing Smart City, smart grid, smart metering, energy management, condition and remote monitoring, industrial process monitoring, engineering and telemetry projects. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, Paradox Engineering acts as a ‘one stop shop’ provider of turn key solutions and technologies on a truly global scale supported by a consolidated network of strategic global partners.

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