Parker Hannifin updates inPHorm hydraulic sizing software

  • January 14, 2013
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January 14, 2013 - Parker Hannifin Accumulator & Cooler Division Americas updated inPHorm for Accumulators program, allowing it to run on a Windows 7 platform and serve solely as a stand-alone accumulator-sizing program.   Using inPHorm's sizing software helps streamline the process of specifying hydraulic accumulators by increasing efficiency and minimizing the engineering time required to design accumulators. Users input application requirements while the program guides them through a step-by-step selection process, performing calculations and simplifying the catalog sorting method.   "The big difference between this version and the old version is that this software isn't a selection software," said Ed Godin, Marketing Communications Manager, Accumulator & Cooler Division. "It's strictly a sizing software. This ensures that any changes to a product line will no longer adversely affect the software."   The updated inPHorm has two new tools that allow users to determine the effects of temperature on pre-charge and the output of existing accumulators. Additionally, several applications and tools during this phase have been upgraded, including:

  • Supplementing pump flow
  • Supplementing pump flow with multiple events
  • Auxiliary power source
  • Pulsation dampening
  • Hydraulic shock

The software still offers the ability to calculate the effects of temperature on pressure and the capacity of an existing accumulator based on operating conditions. Accumulators can also be sized for applications such as holding/leakage compensation, shock suppression, piston-pump pulsation dampening and attenuating shock.

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