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  • January 11, 2013
  • ARC Advisory Group
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January 11, 2013 - The major growth in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and PLC-based Process Automation Controller (PAC) revenues continues to come from developing nations, according to an ARC Advisory Group study. The economic growth that had started in 2010 continued in 2011. During the first half of 2011, demand for automation remained strong for PLCs and PLC-based PACs, as well as for other automation equipment, such as AC drives and motion control. The automation solutions business remained very robust, with strong demand for energy efficiency solutions in industries such as mining, oil & gas, and cement. This growth was experienced across all regions, although the pace of growth slowed as the year progressed. Asia remains a leading growth engine for the global PLC and PLC-based PACs marketplace, representing almost 38.5 percent of the world market. Emerging economies of China and India, with their domestic demand driven markets, drive economic growth in Asia. These two countries are undergoing rapid growth and industrialization in Asia. Growth is further boosted by regulated monetary and fiscal policies. While the economy of some Asian countries has slowed down due to weakening external demand, the domestic demand in China and India has remained strong. ARC expects the top five growth industries in Asia to be machinery, automotive, food & beverage, metals & mining, and electronics & electrical in that order, with associated increases in PLC revenues. The growth of these industries is expected to be above average. Demand for oil and natural gas will continue to increase in the long term despite short-term demand shortfalls. The power generation industry is also expected to grow at a high rate throughout the forecast period and this augurs well for the growth of the PLC market. ARC Foresees the Robust Growth of PLC and PLC-based PAC in Asia According to ARC Advisory Group’s research, the total PLC and PLC-based PACs market in Asia will exceed $6,400 million in 2016. ARC’s latest study, “PLC and PLC-based PACs for Asia Market Research Study,” provides an in-depth analysis of the PLC business in Asia. G. Ganapathiraman, Country Manager, ARC Advisory Group India, and co-author of this study says, “Emerging economies, such as India and China will continue to be a growth engine for PLC and PLC-based PAC suppliers as they pursue expansion and improvement of internal infrastructure and manufacturing operations to meet increasing domestic demands, as well as to increase energy efficiency and the quality of their processes.” In addition to market analysis and forecasts, the study also covers the current market nuances, strategic issues, and the future outlook. The report also highlights the factors that influence the PLC market in Asia and its dynamics. About ARC Advisory Group: ARC Advisory Group is the leading market research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure. Business and IT executives around the world depend on ARC for coverage of technology from automation and business systems to product and asset lifecycle management, supply chain management, logistics, operations management, controls and control elements. ARC is the “go-to” market research and technology analysis firm for their companies. ARC analysts have the industry knowledge and first-hand experience to help clients find the best answers.

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