AMETEK to supply sulfur analyzers at Al Hosn Gas project

  • August 05, 2013
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August 5, 2013 - AMETEK Process Instruments will supply UV process gas analyzers  for the Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU) and Tail Gas Treating Units (TGTU) at the Abu Dhabi Gas Development Company’s  (Al Hosn Gas) Shah Gas Field project in the United Arab Emirates. The contract is valued at approximately $4.6 million. Saipem, a leading oil and gas engineering, procurement and construction company managing the project, selected AMETEK for the SRU project because of its extensive experience in sulfur recovery operations worldwide and the field-proven performance of its analyzers on similar projects in the region. AMETEK has fast tracked delivery of units to meet the project’s tight production schedule. The $10-billion Shah Gas Field project, located approximately 120 miles southwest of Abu Dhabi, is scheduled for completion in late 2014. The project is among the largest green field gas development projects ever under taken and is expected to process approximately one billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d) of sour gas into 0.5 bcf/d of usable gas. When completed, its SRU-TGTU complex is expected to be the largest in the world. Each of the SRU’s four processing trains is so large that it will require twin reaction furnaces with three tail gas analyzers per train, making the project the largest single order for tail gas analyzers ever. With additional associated analyzers, the SRU will have seven AMETEK analyzers per train for a total of 28 analyzers. The Shah Gas Field’s extensive gas reservoirs have not been developed previously due to challenging operating conditions.  The field’s sour gas contains an average of 23 percent hydrogen sulfide and 10 percent carbon dioxide. At those concentrations, the gas is able to corrode metals, poses a hazard to plant safety and requires extensive processing.   The project includes installation of the following Western Research analyzers:

  • 12 Model 900 Air Demand Analyzers. The Model 900 was developed specifically to meet the requirements of the latest sulfur recovery processes. The versatile unit measures up to five species simultaneously, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S), sulfur dioxide (S2O), carbonyl sulfide (COS) ,carbon disulfide (CS2) and sulfur vapor (Sv). Used in conjunction with an Advanced Sulfur Removal (ASR) 900 sampling probe, the Model 900 ensures maximum data availability for optimum operation of all sulfur recovery processes.
  • 12 Model 931 Single-Gas Analyzers. The Model 931 is a rugged, single-component photometric gas analyzer housed in an explosion-proof package designed for a variety of gas monitoring and process control applications. It utilizes AMETEK’s proprietary high-resolution UV technology in a dual-beam, dual-wavelength configuration that features no moving parts. Typical applications include measurement of hydrogen, H2S COS, and CS2.and other applications in the SRU-TGTU process.
  • Four Model 930 H2S Vapor Space Analyzers.  The Model 930 was developed to accurately measure H2S vapor in pits used to store liquid sulfur. The vapor poses a potential danger to plant operation and personnel and must be carefully monitored. The Model 930 utilizes AMETEK’s proprietary high-resolution UV technology and is field-proven to reliably monitor both H2S and SO2.

AMETEK Process Instruments is a leader in the design and manufacture of on-line analytical instrumentation with the industry’s most extensive product line offering analyzers based upon eleven differentiated technology platforms.  It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than $3.3 billion.

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